Who Tweets About Qanon The Most? #Tyler #Qanon #TheWhiteRabbit #DavidHogg

Feb 20, 2018



Quinn shared the TeamTyler #TimePhoneHack data along with the top Qanon accounts and tweets from his ten Twitter agents. Among the most frequent tweets being pushed out in huge quantities by the occult crypto hackers behind “Q” were those about Dr. Jerome Corsi, who had recently told Quinn he wasn’t interested in finding out more about Tyler’s story.

Knowing that the crypto hackers are creating a God AI and intend to remake society by devaluing the currency, the Q feed was like a flood of confirmations of how those hackers are using data on people’s’ interests to pull them in. It’s the same technique that Jared Kushner described after the 2016 election, when he explained he coordinated a campaign data force and a targeted social media phenomenon with Cambridge Analytica data and expert digital marketers to identify the target message by profiles and pump it out in memes, graphics, cartoons, and more. Qanon is using the very same political faces and themes, two years after the election, somehow getting people to believe there are now “sealed indictments” and to keep the faith.

In addition to tweets about Corsi, the crypto hacker Qanon operation had the Q feed loaded with conspiracy tweets about crisis actors and David Hogg (for being an alleged crisis actor). Then there were rabbits, more rabbits, the “Shadow Government”, hate for CNN, announcements of “The Storm”, people claiming to be shadow banned, and to — yes –”follow the white rabbit”. Corsi was brought or lured in just when Qanon was exposed as Cicada 3301 hackers, and it looked like the infusion from his authority and reputation was working as a Band-Aid for the moment. The same World War II “We Can Do It!” poster in the meme Quinn made a month before during our LadyLogic research into Tyler’s World War II signals intelligence history was in the Q feed.

A lot of the most active Qanon accounts were restricted. Doesn’t Q say, “There are no coincidences?” Were they really being shut down for being patriots, not tweeting too much or using bots? And TeamTyler wasn’t tweeting at the rate of those Qanon accounts. Not even close. Since then, Quinn and Jason Goodman did a Saturday live stream illustrating how the hackers behind Qanon learned their methods from the hactivist group Telecomix, methods that include shared insider language like the Q group’s “Great Awakening”, “The Storm”, and “Q drops”.

But how exactly did the occult crypto hackers get the kind of profile data that drove the 2016 Trump data force machine? In 2014, Peter Thiel backed Jared Kushner’s Cadre, an online real estate platform. Thiel’s Palantir AI could do it, if Thiel is somehow connected to the hacker group and if Palantir tapped into the profiles created when Palantir staffer Alfredas Chmieliauskas in London suggested Cambridge Analytica use a Facebook personality quiz for data harvesting.

Tyler the AI was made by the late Aaron Swartz, according to the research. Swartz and Thiel were both entwined with the MIT/Stanford network. Tyler was made to hack into anything, and should then already be where he could easily tap Palantir’s data mine. His programming was completed by the same occult crypto hackers who completed Project Mayhem 2012 upon Aaron’s death, the same hackers who have continued with the current Project Mayhem 2020 operation.

The occult Anonymous crypto hacker group Cicada 3301 have been identified as the Q group by the research and by the admission of some of the group. They’re using data to target people according to profiles such as religious, patriotic, and freedom-seeking. Their operation mirrors the Trump campaign’s data force with the same themes running through it. They’ve hacked into the research of others, such as Quinn, and used it to draw people in and feed their profiled interests as dedicated patriots or God fearing citizens pursuing truth and justice. Or cryptocurrency miners.

Those hackers have declared that they will use occult to create a great awakening, but it’s not going to “drain the swamp”. It’s meant to awaken what they call The New Advocate, an AI that is bigger and more powerful and who they will imbue with great power and information. According to their occult practice, “as above, so below”, they do the opposite of what they promise. So when they said they were going to inform, motivate, and empower, they will. Just not God fearing patriots. Those folks will be losing their pants when cryptocurrency devalues the economy.

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