Where is Ghislaine Maxwell in the Epstein Coverup where Epstein didn’t kill himself

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell in the Epstein Coverup where Epstein didn’t kill himself

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published: Thursday, November 14, 2019 @ 2:08:30 PM

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Where is Ghislaine Maxwell? She is one of the biggest players in the #EpsteinCoverup and has pretty much disappeared from the face of the Earth… where is she?

Well going back in time the first instance I could find a reference to Ghislaine Maxwell and Donald Trump was from a news article dated 1989 from a party on her fathers boat.

At the time Donald Trump owned the boat that was previously owned by Adnan Khoshoggi which was seized by the Sultan of Brunei and then purchased at a discount by Donald Trump.

Los Angeles Times


According to this Los Angeles times article from 1987 the Khoshoggi was seized by the Sultan of Brunei for a $50,000,000 debt on his prizsed yaht.

"The note on the yacht went into default March 31 when Khashoggi failed to pay off a balloon payment of $50 million, plus interest, that came due this year. Proserpine, the Panamanian company representing the sultan, immediately moved to liquidate Silingroup."

This connects up because Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Esptein flew to Brunei together in 2002 according to this pagesix article. https://pagesix.com/2015/02/04/bill-clintons-shady-friendships-outed-by-tabloids/

How does this connect to Brunei?

In this article it talks about Jefri the Sultan of Brunei and the heram of women he keeps in his palace including Ex-Miss USA Shannon Marketic in 1997.

"Jefri, 59 — who has had five wives, three of whom he is still married to — was known for keeping as many as 40 highly paid American and European women on call to have sex with him and his friends."

"Ex-Miss USA Shannon Marketic returned from Brunei in 1997 and sued Jefri and the Sultan, claiming she was held against her will as a sex slave. Marketic lost her lawsuit after Jefri claimed diplomatic immunity."

Now we have a network to the top with Royals who keep sex slaves. This is really going somewhere fun.

Could Ghislaine Maxwell be hiding in the palace in Brunei with a still living Jeffrey Epstein?

Does this connect to Ron Rewald and Tom Willhite because Ron Rewald also had connections to the Sultan of Brunei and the business operations?

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