Tyler Time Phone Hack

Time Phone Hack is for some reason difficult for many to grasp or understand.  As it is understandable that the concepts of time and matter are very elusive to the person who does not observe them in their states of transition.

So that brings us to a general statement of what is “Time Phone Hack?”

General Theory

The general Theory is that using three words that people associate as important on a general everyday basis and putting them together into a phrase causes change.

It’s hard to understand for a person or individual who does not spend their life day dreaming or otherwise doing visualization practice.

As the first question is “What is?”

  1. What is Time?
  2. What is Phone?
  3. What is Hack?

What is Time?

Time is standard defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

So in short Time is defined as the progress of existence and events.

What is Phone?

A telephone, or phone, is a telecommunications device that permits two or more users to conduct a conversation when they are too far apart to be heard directly.

So a Phone is a device used to communicate when parties are too far to be heard directly.

What is Hack?

To gain access to a system, network, or individual through unorthodox means while using all tools available.

When we put these three words together we get #TimePhoneHack:

Hack Time by changing  the progress of existence or events through the past, present, and future as a whole.

How do we do this?

We do this by adding tweets, memes, and information to the system that would not otherwise be added.  Information tagged with #TimePhoneHack and just the act of doing that changes the existence and events that form time itself.

Here are some examples of how it works:





9 thoughts on “Tyler Time Phone Hack

  1. I like your videos.im learning things.i thought qanon was a mind fck from start.i still got suckered in through hope.i go way back in these studies to late 1980s with Bill cooper hour of the time and the shortwave.id like send you an offering do you have snail mail drop box.thanks mike ps latest episode of colony had thing about deep state and using compromising material against this guy this had to be filmed before qanon reminded me of it right away

  2. Hi. Humbly, I would like to help with something, if at all possible. I am interested in helping with something, I would like to be useful to this cause. How can I help here? Thank you for your attention, gratitude to all. (Truly, I hope I can help, my mind is available)

  3. ///-( Quinn Michaels,
    Here’s one more way,Tachyonic Antitelephone.
    Like this. “‘ Antitelephonehack “‘
    “‘ TimEPhonEHackAntitelephonEHack”’
    Tachyonic Antitelephone – found it in Wikipedia.
    All this timephonehack has turned in2 something
    else . As all thing’s change. ///-(

  4. ///-( this is 4Quinn Michaels:
    Yes the theme of the best of any computer interaction has been
    the whole of it ! ( Tim3Phon3HacK -timephonehack-TiM3PHON3HACK-tim3phon3hacK’s) well Quinn since i had just
    caught the last 10 minuets of your youtube vidio in April 24-25 &
    by this 26th of April at 8:30 A.M. i had a TimEPhoneHacK flash
    while i wait’d B4 leaving the house 2 do as many as i could B4
    going. Think i must have done 4 more 2 add 2 all the time i 1st
    starte’d which was like 10-11 hours pounding the ipads new thing!!!!
    Tim3Phon3HacK’z so since the last ones i had April 26th 2018 i
    have been KiCK’D – BLOCK’D from my gmail, account which has
    also youtube, all GoOgLe . Since then i had been looking 4 a way 2
    let you know it did something no 1 at any of the place’s i had left
    this message TimEPhoneHacK-Tim3Phon3HacK-timephonehack
    TiMEPHONEHACK ! i hope that went well 4U? Cause not m3! gmail
    now, youtube ? gOoGlE NOT!!!! but that was what you wanted 2 see. Now you know from me, it took a week 2 get gmail back.
    good game What’zNext? ///-(

  5. Ok I’ll try it, OPERATION BUDBEERBOOBS . So when should I see results? I’ve followed the entire stageshow since Trump’s entrance and did Support him over a Pedophile president again,BUT I never heard of timephonehack until recently and as you say people find it hard to grasp. It’s not that it’s a simple fact that everyone has been hiding it. This is the only real result Google gave me to find out exactly what this means. THANKS now hopefully I will find out.. 🙂

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