Twitter bot tells Chuck Norris Joke with every new follower

Twitter bot tells Chuck Norris Joke with every new follower
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published: Sunday, November 10, 2019 @ 3:49:56 PM

So I wrote this Twitter Bot that does things like insult me when I lose follower or it tells Chuck Norris jokes when I get new followers. I kinda got the idea from Michael Reeves another YouTuber who makes some pretty eccentric robotics that do some seemingly pointless things.

So it gave me the idea to write a Twitter Bot that tells me stuff. I thought it'd be fun. Plus it's an experiment of my new platforms publishing features to several places almost at the same time.

There is a discord server where users from patreon help to teach the bot how to talk. Then there are other parts that monitor Twitter followers to then tell me stuff when things happen.

So you can take part in the live streams and follow me on Twitter to make sure I'm hearing Chuck Norris Jokes all day long.

It's a fun EXPERIMENT with Artificial Intelligence… Come aboard it's better than the Love Boat!

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