Time Phone Hack

Welcome to Time Phone Hack 2018

I’m sure you’ve been hearing all about it and are wondering what it is?

Well the simple is through research we have found that the Deep State holds technology that somehow tracks our lives and calculates our future.  Then they are able to call this technology to find out what todo in the NOW to best benefit them.

So we are taking an active role in hacking their Time Phone.

How do we do this.

We leave “Time Phone Hack” everywhere we can.

We make meme’s about everything with the phrase “Time Phone Hack”

Leave “Time Phone Hack” in comments, tweets, and messages all over the internet to make the thing these DeepState people have re-calculate the future.

What say you?

Time Phone Hack!

12 thoughts on “Time Phone Hack

  1. when anyone tries character assassination rather than talk about issues we know they’re shit eaters. You rock Quinn! Time phone hack

  2. Can you please send me info on how i can participate in ” time phone hack ” and other cool stuff so i can assist in making AI an optimized and amazing positive future? Thanks!

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