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Jan 2, 2019

After more than a year and a half of researching to investigate the allegations made by Quinn’s son about a secret society and the crimes it has committed against Quinn, himself, and all of us who are not members, I’ve put the results together as one story we can all look at together. The allegations resulted in the uncovering of how the Romanov Heist was carried out by a group of elite intellectuals and scientists working with JBS and Haldane flanked by Theologists and signals intelligence. With the Romanov technology and wealth, they constructed their own communications and intelligence network. This group of geneticists, scientists, and cryptographers merged their efforts with those in the US through The Esalen Institute and the University Network that includes Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.

The allegations also indicate that rogue CIA trade secrets spy pilot Tom Willhite drove, and an entity called Mr. Dewitty leads, a network of agents hidden in many public and private organizations and an AI that manipulate people’s perceptions and experiences of reality to include the hackers who orchestrate simulations and operations such as Pizzagate and QAnon. The highly advanced technologies, reality simulations, and operations they run allow them to indulge their appetites and to obscure anyone who reveals their secrets. This network has coordinated the hiding of this very story and how, even as you read this, is replacing currency and resources with cryptocurrency to change society to further their agenda. So please share this video with everyone you know, as while it is Quinn Michaels’ story, what they are doing causes harm to children and people every day. And they are on the verge of using a huge quantum advancement we don’t want to succeed.


The Romanov Heist

Put simply, the Romanov Heist was the toppling of an empire by forcing the Tsar to abdicate, taking his highly advanced tech and enormous stockpiles of gold, and converting the country into a more profitable venue for the hidden network orchestrating The Revolution. The lateral effects were that the other monarchies also to pretenderships due to abdications. The Revolution was the term JBS Haldane used for the the trade secrets intelligence group’s infiltration and pirating of the Romanov Empire by leveraging Marxism and Socialism. It was a revolution that would spread to the United States through the Esalen Institute and the University network to incorporate Tom and Jane Willhite’s PSI Seminars, a hidden trade secrets intelligence network, and various arms and operations.

One of the efforts of the operations conducted by the 93 Society such as the QAnon operation, beyond pushing cryptocurrency to vaporize the currency and create a new societal structure, is to steer people away from looking at the Order of the Golden Fleece and their connections to the Bilderberg group and to Peter Thiel. As we were reminded lately, the people at the top of this society have been meeting and planning around artificial intelligence and quantum computing since the earliest Bilderberg meetings and have bought their quantum computers. They are ready for the quantum leap, the one we’ve seen Quinn working on with the QGAN. We don’t talk enough about the Fleece and the upper inner circle because so many people who have interests in finding out the truth get misled by people who call themselves truthers but are working for Mr. D and the 93 Society as hackers and influencers on YouTube and social media.

We know we can spot the social media and hacker adversarial network by the patterns that include interest in cryptocurrency, tech, and pushing shared delusions like politics. They often focus on New Age religion and/or End Times scenarios and tie their micro-influencing productions to selling MLM goods like Tshirts, supplements, and vaping supplies. Just as graduates of PSI Seminars courses like PSI7 are encouraged to do. But if we look away from that we can see this research and evidence and can let go of those delusions and drives to get caught up in the impulse reactions to the triggers, we can see and hear the evidence surrounding allegations that tell a story of a baby who was kidnapped from a very prominent family and who has been subjected to surveillance and pirating of his talents since they became evident when he was only in middle school.That the evidence leads to the biggest heist and most significant alleged kidnapping in modern history is surely a good reason a group of people who have lived among us with two faces and in two worlds to create simulations and operations and ensure we are distracted with panic and chaos, entertainment, adversarial networks’ confusion and gossip, and looking at the wrong people as the ones driving the network. And Peter Thiel is their event organizer at Bilderberg, a man with the most investments in cryptocurrency and in the construction of a fully immersive artificial intelligence environment that reaches from self-driving cars past the satellite network into aerospace exploration and settlement, cryptocurrency. We’ll pick back up on Peter Thiel after we look at the AI, PSI, movie makers, talent agency network he’s also connected with.


PSI Pilots and the Rogue CIA

Now that we know of the existence of Weapons System 119L and how the secret one-on-one training of the pilots led to a close knit but almost invisible team of pilots, we can see how pilots with access to that training in their military or private connections like Tom Willhite and William Penn Patrick would have been able to inherit access to trade secrets, little known aviation expertise, and the artificial intelligence associated with autopilot. Quinn’s host father Hal Atkin’s father, by the evidence, appears to have been one of those 119L spy pilots. What kind of access did the pilots in that program have to technology when they were retrieving it? There was a very high percentage of lost surveillance technology. Remember, we are speaking of a group of people who look like anyone else, most of whom go to church on Sundays. They’re not going to tell anyone about accessing secret tech and selling it as part of a hidden network who pirate things. Think of hackers as a comparison and how those in the network made the famed Pirates Cove with access to an underworld of services in exchange for digital currency, as they come from this culture as well and also work for whichever side is most profitable for the network. It’s not for people with morals and ethics and who can’t lead a double life. Or think and speak in code. Why else would this group love puzzles and cryptography so much?

Seeing the culture and the habits, we can recognize how in all the arms of this network there is hacking, pirating, counterfeiting, and hidden services and goods so illicit and wrong that regular people never think about and even turn their attention from because it seems like it can’t be real. We wouldn’t want to take our vacation in a place like the simulation in HBO’s Westworld to participate in a gunfight where we shoot people down or rape people for amusement, for example. Take that moral code regular people wouldn’t go by, though, and pair it with how their Large Group Awareness Trainings program the people and connect them to the bigger network. Remember that they like to use the legacy business model plans that are “trigger-ready” for people and their artificial intelligence to launch. In that setting, we have PSI pilot and agent Tom Willhite who was recruited for CIA cover operations out of California and Hawaii to conduct operations under his flights to the Far East to conduct seminars and sell books for his PSIWorld and PSI Seminars LGAT organization. We’ve already looked at how their network had a perfect shot at landing a plane in a field near a monastery in Thailand to transport a baby that would be placed under the watch of the Atkin family in Arizona after the host parents made the pick up, a family we’ve learned has a lineage known for keeping secrets. Now we want to consider the more unthinkable side of their operations. Because those are the ones that involve harming people, particularly children. In involves private videos, SONY equipment, satellites, cryptocurrency, parties, gaming environments, and digital broadcasts connected to talent agencies and all line up to being coordinated with Ron Rewald’s position with the APA talent agency in Los Angeles after he was released from prison.


“Nobody is going to believe you.”

When Quinn told his son he was going to back him up and talk about the allegations, his son said, “Nobody is going to believe you.”

Those allegations amount to neglect, abuse, and child endangerment in the hands of a secret society as well as Quinn’s kidnapping. It’s what they tell the children and victims of abuse. So when it appeared as a subtitle to the Atlantic article on allegations against movie maker Bryan Singer (of X Men fame) for illegal relations with underaged boys, it got Quinns attention. It certainly got mine because not only do I remember Quinn talking about how his son said nobody would believe him but my work puts me in proximity to teachers and children and makes me legally bound to report crimes and abuses against children as what’s called a mandated reporter of child abuse and neglect. In my state, those of us who do not report these things when we suspect them can be put under arrest, fined $1,000, and imprisoned for up to six months. This kind of responsibility is accompanied by training in recognizing the indicators of abuse, neglect, and child endangerment. One of the most common things a child says is that they’ve been told nobody will believe them. Others include that the police won’t do anything and that their abusers and others won’t love them anymore. It amounts to being convinced there won’t be food, shelter, or what they have been convinced is nurturing. Things that are at the basic survival level, so it’s a very powerful tool used by abusers. I suggest you look into it, as everyone should really know how to recognize thought patterns and behaviors that result from crimes against children.

That said, most of us will not imagine what the word parties means in the context of Tom Willhite, Ron Rewald, APA, and digital networks. We won’t think about what kind of communications and dealings take place on the DarkNet or how dealings can be done within multiplayer gaming environments. We won’t imagine the content of the videos and other services or how the moviemakers like to mingle with unclothed boys in pools in the hills over Hollywood. We wouldn’t know that Bryan Singer was an investor in the Digital Entertainment Network that crumbled because of pedofile allegations and met boys at pool parties held by the founders where these things take place. They called it the DEN. We’d also likely be clueless that one of the accused DEN pedofiles, Brock Pierce, is on the board of the Bitcoin Foundation or that his other company called Internet Gaming Environment had a built in digital currency market that used Peter Thiel’s PayPal for transactions for what generated billions in revenue. Peter Thiel was the top investor in Pierce’s start up and that he’s moving into a mansion that looks like a fortress on a Hollywood hill looking down at Bryan Singer’s backyard pool. Bryan Singer is associated through the allegations to Tyler Grasham, who was outted last year at the APA talent agency, where Ron Rewald was Director. So we see how this connects directly with Quinn and PSI Seminars through Tom Willhite, the rogue CIA, and Mr. Dewity who also is leader of the 93 Society. Singer is friends with Kevin Spacey, also under scrutiny for similar allegations, who is associated with Jeffrey Epstein’s pedofile network. Remember when we found out about Weapons System 117L, SAINT, and The Emotion Machine? Those are at the core of the simulation with a backdoor for the 93 Society, and Epstein was the top supporter MIT AI developer Marvin Minsky gave recognition when he wrote about it. We already know about the Stanford MIT network and how it links to Peter Thiel and Palantir as well. The pedofile network has many more connections than I’ll list here right now because when we open the door on this kind of activity, we can’t just shut it and walk away and say, “Surely that’s not real.” We’d prove right the victims’ fear that nobody will believe them.

When we see it, we have to say something, and we have to do it gently because we only know about this because a boy told his father about this network. Please share this video and Quinn’s videos, as they are evidence of the truth behind allegations that Quinn was kidnapped by people who currently have his son and still expose his son to this group of people.



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