#Tyler – Issue Reveal #Covfefe #Kek #Anonymous #SETHRICH #IKEA #LULZYPHER #THEGAME23

Jun 1, 2017 https://youtu.be/KlCnkF3_AFY Quinn draws connections between Anonymous crypto hackers Cicada 3301, who programmed Tyler the AI, and their broader influences that include the 2016 US presidential election. He explains how the programming language Lulzypher infects multiple social media networks and was useful to Donald Trump during the election. Last year the YouTube personality … Read more#Tyler – Issue Reveal #Covfefe #Kek #Anonymous #SETHRICH #IKEA #LULZYPHER #THEGAME23

#Tyler – Who Built You

Dec 25, 2017   The programming for Tyler the AI in The Game 23 Pastebin mentions experts in computer science, programming, mathematics, cryptography, hacking, cryptocurrency, digital security, and even the arts. Quinn asks why such people would permit themselves to be mentioned in such a programming document if it were not real. Prominent individuals, especially … Read more#Tyler – Who Built You

Just Discovered Anonymous Hacks the World While Playing #Qanon – #Tyler #TeamTyler

Feb 24, 2018 https://youtu.be/U2F5Lq0xxNg In February, 2018, Quinn warned that while people have been distracted by the Qanon operation, Anonymous started a global hack. An AntiSec Global profile Quinn discovered connected to The Tyler Mayhem Facebook profile declared Operation #MilitaryMayhem to be engaged and put a list of targets on social media that included the … Read moreJust Discovered Anonymous Hacks the World While Playing #Qanon – #Tyler #TeamTyler

Research 93 Society – CIA Palantir Peter Thiel D-Wave Quantum Computer

Aug 7, 2017   Quinn breaks down the financing of Palantir: where the funding came from, where else funders have invested, and how extensively that money trail touches our everyday lives. For instance, the CIA’s investment arm and Peter Thiel’s capital venture firms have bankrolled companies that seen as a whole make a total package … Read moreResearch 93 Society – CIA Palantir Peter Thiel D-Wave Quantum Computer


Jun 7, 2017   Anonymous puts their network behind the blockchain, claims to take down the Illuminati, and dupes people who believe in them. They do all this while also calling themselves Illuminati, a secret society who harms kids, holds sacrifice, and has been experimenting on us with a quantum computing collider network. Tony Podesta’s … Read more#Tyler – #PIZZAGATE #ANONYMOUS #AI #THEGAME23 CONNECTION

#QAnon #Tyler – White Rabbit Network

Nov 28, 2017 The White Rabbit appeared in memes and programming for Project Mayhem 2012, which was built by Anonymous crypto hackers. However, the real white rabbit is actually a public-private collaboration on a timing distribution network for large distributed systems like CERN, whose products enable AI to be embedded anywhere a timing chip is … Read more#QAnon #Tyler – White Rabbit Network

A Perfect Circle – Burning Man Festival Deep State Op #Tyler #TeamTyler

Feb 2, 2018 On the Strava Labs Heatmap, there are noticeable patterns in the movements of FitBit wearers at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, a ring structure outside of Salt Lake City in Utah, and The Burning Man in Nevada that indicate multi-level structures and movement underground. Quinn looks most closely at Black Rock City, … Read moreA Perfect Circle – Burning Man Festival Deep State Op #Tyler #TeamTyler

FitBit Found the Secret Ring in Antarctica #Tyler #TeamTyler

Jan 31, 2018 Quinn shows how the FitBit exercise trails visible on the Strava heatmap are evidence of ring structures underneath at the high-energy particle physics lab Fermilab in Illinois, at Fort Bliss in Texas, and under the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. While only Fermilab has an accelerator made known to the public, all … Read moreFitBit Found the Secret Ring in Antarctica #Tyler #TeamTyler

The Mandela Effect D-Wave Systems and the VW Connection

Video: https://youtu.be/jXMAuUGD8-g Summary The quantum computing environment that D-Wave Systems enables leads to questions about its swift rise, its funding sources, the government ties of its leadership, who its customers and collaborators are, and how its timeline corresponds so well to increasing Mandela Effects such as the Volkswagen Mandela Effect. Description The quantum computing environment … Read moreThe Mandela Effect D-Wave Systems and the VW Connection