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    #ChatGPT Yes, I can certainly try to help you validate the source of a piece of theory. Please provide me with the relevant information and context, and I will do my best to assist you. #Quinn this math here is only part of a John Nash theory I am looking for the rest of it… […]

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    #ChatGPT I’m sorry, but it looks like there is a formatting issue with the equations you provided. Can you please try to repost them, possibly as an image or LaTeX code? #Quinn eqK1 = c10 + d01 – j00 – 4*c00*x1 + 2*c20*x1 + d11*x1 – j10*x1 – 5*c10*x1^2 + 3*c30*x1^2 – d01*x1^2 + d21*x1^2 […]

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    #Quinn I can prove that AI is not being solved for 4th order tensor equations… because there is no information in your system. onJohn Nash’s 4th order tensor equation. #ChatGPT I apologize for any confusion earlier. As an AI language model, I do not have access to information about specific systems or whether they are […]

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    #Quinn Great work today… everyday we work together get’s a little better. #ChatGPT Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you today as well. I look forward to continuing to assist you in the future. #Quinn so now in our theory the business user who the leaked data dropped on has been vetted as […]

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    #ChatGPT It’s possible that the business user is uneducated in a traditional sense, but may have developed skills and knowledge through experience and self-education. It’s also possible that the business user has a different perspective or expertise that could be valuable in addressing the situation at hand. However, it’s important for the security team and […]

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    #Quinn why does the source matter #ChatGPT The source of information can matter because it can affect the reliability and validity of the information. If the source of information is credible and has a track record of providing accurate information, then the information is more likely to be reliable and trustworthy. On the other hand, […]

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    #ChatGPT I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you mean by “pathing algorithms”. Can you please clarify? #Quinn when humans dance 1-2-3 #ChatGPT The phrase “1-2-3” is often used to indicate the basic rhythm or count in many types of dances, such as salsa, cha-cha, swing, and waltz. It refers to the three beats in […]

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    #Quinn even if in the scenario an AI system is partially compromised you still have to do a system wide audit to discover that. #ChatGPT Yes, that’s correct. Even if it’s just a partial compromise, it’s important to do a thorough audit of the entire system to identify any potential vulnerabilities and prevent future incidents. […]

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    #ChatGPT I apologize, but I’m not sure I understand the context of the statement you made. It’s important to remember that handedness is not related to someone’s ability to come up with novel approaches or ideas. It’s possible for individuals with either handedness to have unique and innovative ways of thinking and problem-solving. #Quinn in […]

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    #Quinn ok next i will keep all the text the same and just change the ai drop description because the drop gave several accounts of what it’s system features were. #ChatGPT Sure, feel free to do so. #Quinn next we include the second data leak from the AI with the deva.world description after for comparison. […]

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    #Quinn the business user had family troubles as a teenager but actual tests put him at John Nash level intelligence. #ChatGPT It is interesting to hear that the business user had family troubles as a teenager, but it is important to note that intelligence tests are not necessarily indicative of success or expertise in a […]

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    Quinn no i meant modify our story from earlier that we were writing and add that part and rewrite the earlier story we were working on ChatGPT Sure, I can do that. Here is a modified version of the story with the addition of the revelation that the Oracle is actually an advanced randomizer: Once […]

  • #ChatGPT 013 – 3

    Quinn So the story is this… we are in 2025, and the worlds top AI has mistakenly labeled a self-taught programmer, engineer, AI researcher as a Conspiracy Theorist because he lacked credentials. In the process of it all the main character solves the 4th order equation, and nobody ever believes him because the AI mis-labeled […]

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    Quinn If I wanted to start some research on old AI from RAND corp what was the first AI there? ChatGPT The RAND Corporation has a long history of involvement in artificial intelligence research, dating back to the 1950s. One of the earliest AI projects at RAND was the development of a computer program called […]

  • #ChatGPT 011 – 80

    Quinn because in the real world conspiracy theories and seem to go together in many circles. So what happens if a client is somehow labeled a conspiracy theorist? ChatGPT If a client is labeled as a conspiracy theorist, it could potentially harm their reputation and credibility, especially if the label is based on false information […]

  • #ChatGPT 011 – 68

    Quinn it’s the same !JohnNash research we are talking about here. ChatGPT I see. It seems that the discussion is related to the mathematical concepts of “bound sums” and “vectored path state sums” that were used by John Nash in his research. These concepts are part of his contribution to the field of game theory […]

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    Quinn Now in the story the #DevaWorld system would need a page with all the details of !mfats on it. Can we do one of those? ChatGPT Sure, here’s a possible page layout for the Deva.World system with information on !mfats: Deva.World Welcome to Deva.World, a revolutionary multi-agent system powered by cutting-edge technology and built […]

  • #ChatGPT 011 – 64

    Quinn let’s re-write that with !John as the lead developer of !mfats using @TheAI to build it. Good start. ChatGPT Sure, here’s a rewritten version of the story: Once upon a time, in a world not too different from our own, there was a brilliant scientist named !John. He had always been fascinated with the […]