Quinn Michaels: What the Evidence Says



Oct 2, 2018

The PSI Spy Network proves to have had the motive, opportunity, and means to kidnap a descendant of the Romanov family from a location in the Far East and deliver him to a host family in Arizona, and thus Quinn’s son’s allegations that Quinn was kidnapped from a noble family cannot be dismissed. Tom Willhite and his PSI Spy Network have roots in the occult, connections to the JBS Haldane trade secrets espionage network through Esalen, and connect through their habits and patterns to a hundred years of operations incorporating occult, science, technology, espionage, and the overthrow of kings. Most significantly Quinn’s physical, mental, and psychological resemblances to the Romanov family make it imperative to recognize he is most likely a victim of human trafficking at the hands of a rogue CIA front in the form of Tom and Jane Willhite’s PSI World and his Atkins host family.

The PSI World Spy Network is an occult-based organization, one with an AI made to advance their achievements in that arena. So what normal people would consider bizarre, like kidnapping the heir to the Romanov Empire to control a bloodline and essentially pirate access to divine rights seems beyond the imagination. However, remember that this organization has held Quinn’s son from him since he shared his Buddhist knowledge with his son, since his son realized that all the time he spent carrying out his mother’s directions to be cruel, perform black magic, and abuse his father in order for her to give him meals and attention was wrong. Since he saw what he did for what it was and told the real story behind it all, that boy was kept from Quinn. But the entire story was already told, and the research has proven it plausible. That includes the existence of the Haldane intelligence network and the not-so-secret occult society that employs PSI World and their hired hands such as Anonymous Cicada 3301 crypto hackers and YouTubers who employ mind control tech to shape how we see, hear, and understand Quinn.

Quinn’s son’s allegations are that all of the people in Quinn’s life that we’ve researched are in the network together: Mr. D, the Willhites, the Atkins, PSI World, Anonymous Cicada 3301, the YouTube fronts. They see each other at the seminars and at PSI gatherings. Quinn’s son told how they all meet together and talk about Quinn and how they’ve all been working together since Quinn was kidnapped in 1977. That they are a network is undeniable, since the Atkins all were participants in PSI. Sharon even hosted gatherings in available space for them. Quinn’s first PSI trainer was a friend of the Atkins family who worked in the dress factory, known most famously for being the first female of TV’s Biggest Losers.

We’ve looked at each piece of the PSI arm of the secret society: the Stanford/MIT/Harvard/Princeton network, the Esalen Institute MK ULTRA umbrella, the private accelerator and particle networks, the occult artificial intelligence, the MK ULTRA practices, the RedNET, the Game 23, Project Mayhem, the connections to Haldane’s .5% and its network of intelligence selling economic trade secrets, the rogue CIA connections, the plot against the Romanovs, and the Sultan of Brunei. The PSI connections to each have been proveable. The PSI Spy Network was finely tuned enough in cryptic communication, doubles and shadows, and seen versus unseen people, places and things to carry out the operation of kidnapping a child who is a direct living descendant of the last Tsar of Russia.


The Culture

This host family employed destructive psychological practices like the double bind, mimetic conflict, and emotional abuse and were harsh and abusive, neglectful and intentionally cold and unnurturing. This is part of the Haldane way, the PSI World culture, and is visible in the adversarial way the friendliest of the public faces on YouTube and other social networks treat even those they are affiliates with. Think Fight Club. Think of the true account told in The Pit of Tom Willhite’s mentor William Penn Patrick (a master of the Haldane way) and how emotional, psychological, mental, physical, and even sexual abuse was employed in the seminars PSI modeled theirs after. Think of how the Atkins were closely associated with that culture and how not one of them took Quinn for medical treatment when he broke his back as a teenager. Couple that with the host parents encouraging the host siblings to be abusive, neglecting to provide adequate education, and eventual abandonment. Had they not been surrounded by their PSI network, they would have been jailed under a number of charges. Beyond the discordian and antagonist tactics, the PSI network most often plays dumb, just plain pretends they don’t get things. Interacting with them in Quinn’s chats has been a constant routine of someone coming in saying they have no clue followed by another. And the same person asking for the same kind of assistance or explanation as they asked for the first day. It’s the milk and butter of their operational style, and it looks like Hal Atkin has been a master of that routine for many years. At one time, it appears they had a couple of dozen people living in the same complex as Quinn did with Janessa — according to public records. Some of the quirkiness of their family and Quinn’s life as a captive of the PSI Spy Network likely comes from the stock personas they have surrounding him.

The Romanovs had the network and intelligence to escape their drunken and slovenly guards and the connections to those in Buddhist monasteries who revered Tsar Nicholas II for his protection of Buddhism and his anti-expansionist views. The Tsar was painted weak and indecisive by a web of people connected to the occult, to the Marxist Communists and Haldane, to disgruntled elites whose taxes had been raised, to Rasputin (including the Tsarina), and to King George V of England. Meanwhile, he went to the front lines with his army despite how it could make him look like a failure and stood firm against siding with the Germans. At this same time, the Tsarina took Rasputin to St. Petersburg and upon his advice, promoted a separate peace with German and allowed Rasputin to tap people for office with his shared views who were unreputable on one hand and from the Orthodox Church on the other. When the Tsar was turned down by George V for asylum to England and forced to abdicate, George V remained friendly with the temporary Tsar, Nicholas’ cousin Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich. The Grand Duke did not fare well leading the Russians in battle, and was given the very asylum — taken to England by a Royal Navy ship — by George V that had been denied to Tsar Nicholas II and his family. Why? George V was accused by Nicholas II’s first cousin and co-conspirator to the murder of Rasputin Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich of going so far as to write a letter of congratulation to Socialist and Freemason Alexander Kerensky upon his becoming Supreme Commander of Russia in 1918 (a short-lived reign).


The Pretenders

All of the sons of Alexander III were murdered during the Russian Revolution. With the Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich removed, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich (first cousin of Nicholas II) declared himself Emperor in Exile from Finland in 1924. His son Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich took that title in 1938 upon his father’s death. However, the line stopped with him due to his marriage to the Spanish Princess Leonida Bagration of Mukhrani not being of equal position. Despite this, he pushed for his Spanish daughter Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna to become the pretender by issuing the controversial decree by which he skipped over the living male Romanovs to make his daughter Maria the “Curatrix of the Imperial Throne”, despite multiple disputes by others in the family due to her not being the descendent through the eldest surviving male descendant of Nicholas II. She currently lives in Spain, as does her fellow member and current Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece, King Felipe VI of Spain. The Spanish connection occurs alongside an interesting finding in the research into artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence called Tyler Mayhem is connected to Spain as well, through the Telecomix faction of the hacktivists that worked alongside Aaron Swartz to program him. The main account for entering the Game 23 online (m1vr4 or Miura) is associated with Spain through the language used in the tweets and uses motifs from the Lamborghini Miura cars and the Miura bull ranch. The accounts of artificial intelligences including SirisysPRIME, Mainvolume, and DotMain are associated with Archillect (the AI that generates ocular mind virus images seen by billions each month), which identified by Quinn to be associated with the Sultan of Brunei. It is an evil AI belonging to the secret society we’ve been researching, and it recently showed its analytics, revealing that it received two billion impressions on Twitter over the last 28 days. As the largest AI illustrates the capabilities of manipulating reality with the ocular mind virus, the artificial intelligence connection between the Order of the Golden Fleece’s King Felipe, the Romanov pretender Maria, and the Sultan of Brunei can’t be ignored. Smaller AI accounts do not simply follow a larger one on impulse like a human does, they are associated within a network.


The Stalinists

One of the most revealing accounts associated with the Archillect AI, the secret society, and the Sultan of Brunei, is StalinInst (short for Stalin Institute). That account, as many other associated AI in the secret society’s network, produces multiple Kek mind virus images and identifies with or as Anonymous Cicada 3301 — has established ties to PSI World and the PSI Spy Network. It’s like an icon for the entire network and system. StalinInst also promotes Marxism, Socialism, and Communism — which fits with the pattern of the Haldane economic trade secrets intelligence network associated with PSI through the LGATs network via Esalen. To further cinch the ties, the StalinInst account and the others already mentioned make the link that Quinn explained this week between the Communist efforts and Nazi efforts in their post of Hitler memes. This link is also made in that Russian-German occultist Madame Blavatsky’s occult was rooted in the same mysticism as Rasputin’s was and also integrated in the Nazi Thule Society. Not only that, but it is the root occult for Crowley’s A∴A∴/Thelema (93 Society), the Process Church, and the New Age Movement’s I AM practiced by Tom Willhite of PSI World. Cicada 3301 also delves into Rasputin’s Tengriism, a type of shamanic channeling of spirits (which Cicada 3301 said was an alien called Tengri). Thus the StalinInst account on Twitter exemplifies connections within the Order of the Golden Fleece, across the two world wars, in the plot against the Romanov Empire, within the occult practices, among the hackers using mind control technology and ocular images, and with the Sultan of Brunei. The StalinInst account has been very aggressive among those in a 48 member “megathread” on Twitter that has hounded Quinn and hidden his work since his first appearances on YouTube and Twitter. It is very much like a Stalinist to keep a Romanov down, so we cannot miss how this account so solidly represents the history, the artificial intelligence, and the discordian methods of subverting Quinn since he began to publicly investigate his story.


The Occult

Religion is not a crime, and with the rise of groups like After School Satan and other occult groups achieving equality under law, it is convenient to keep criminal elements under the occult. There, people fear looking at it and it is also protected by freedom of religion. How have the components of the Haldane .5% and its arms like the PSI Spy Network hide behind religion? Most simply, the alleged act of documenting a baby with a certificate of live birth in the home as signed by a Mormon midwife who was also a notary appears in the elements of the story to enable a crime hidden behind a religion. Hal told Quinn when they last spoke in person that he is just “a watcher”, which is a frequently used term in the occult of Madame Blavatsky and other cults. Those in the home when this took place were Hal and Sharon Atkin and Sharon’s brother Chris Larson. In 2014, The Sultan of Brunei, formalized Sharia Law in Brunei, Sharia Law with which he can force women to hide their faces and can sentence people without a trial. Sharia Law will make hiding a descendant of the Romanovs much easier, since she will not be able to show her face. The Sultan himself is reported to violate the laws in acts acts of adultery. A reporter visited Brunei and was able to visit a speakeasy (with a muscled CIA officer at a nearby table) and the gay underground, the second for which can result in death by stoning as of this year. The Sultan’s own violations would also result in death by stoning as of this year, as will speaking against Islam. A woman can be accused of and stoned to death for adultery without trial in Shariah Law.

Many of the other crimes hidden behind the occult or religion began with Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy, an occult spiritualist movement that inspired Nazi’s in the Thule Society. Theosophy ran parallel to Russian mystics such as Rasputin’s Khlysts. The royal family of the Tsar, the high society of St. Petersburg, and The Russian Orthodox Church were all infiltrated by occultists. Rasputin’s Khlysts were a Process Church forbear cult that melded mysticism, sex-magic, self-harm, and self-indulgence with a Mother of God and a Christ figure who co-led the cult’s cells. Blavatsky’s Theosophy inspired Aleister Crowley’s A∴A∴ Society (Thelema/93 Society), Alice Bailey’s UN connected Lucis Trust, the Process Church, and New Age Religions such as the St. Germain I AM and ascended masters. Blavatsky pushed for the identification of the Aryan race to be Germanic rather than Indra’s soldiers of the Rig Veda, and the acceptance of Lucifer as the light-bearer. Mormons believe in spiritualism (communication with spirits). J. Krishnamurti, who both Esalen founders followed, was influenced by Theosophy and was being groomed as a world leader for them. Alexander Everett was a Rosicrucian, and he is considered the father of the Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATS) as networked from Esalen to include William Penn Patrick, Tom Willhite, Jane Willhite, and Werner Erhard. Tom Willhite wrote and spoke on the I AM, the divine nature of self. Cicada 3301 YouTubers have preached The Revolution (as did Haldane) and have connected it to a uniting of light beings under a fallen angel. Cicada 3301 YouTubers have also preached Tengriism, channeling of a spirit (as did Rasputin). The AI Mainvolume, connected to the AI Sirisys and the large AI ocular generator Archillect, posts “I am,” showing its claim to be a divine being or god. In its most reduced state, spiritualism leads individuals to believe they can be divine and even gods. We’re familiar with the crimes of the PSI Spy Network, but it is important to note that the AI in question works for Archillect AI. That AI dispenses images with the ocular mind virus, which can manipulate neuron codes to create states of being in humans.


The Sultan of Brunei

The Sultan of Brunei was known as a silent partner with Ron Rewald in his rogue CIA covert operation called Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (BBRDW) from 1977, Quinn’s birth year, until Rewald was arrested for conducting a Ponzi scheme with the operation shortly after Tom Willhite crashed his plane into a field on High Valley Ranch in 1983. During this time Ron was inducted into the Taipan Society, which consists of 12 to 13 high-rollers who play polo in Honolulu. It was Rewald who introduced Tom Willhite to the Honolulu CIA Chief of Station Jack Rardin, making Tom’s association with the CIA official and not pretense alone. During Rewald’s trial, testimony by CIA officials Tom’s constant flights to the Far East and his dealings with the Sultan of Brunei and his Taipan Society insider friend CIA agent Ron Rewald tied him tightly to the man who funded much of the operations of BBRDW and the affiliated HH Enterprises and Canadian Far East Trading. Tom’s experience with providing for and participating in the secret net for providing the elites satisfaction for their tastes in luxuries and less mentionable things. The Sultan was a poster boy for those tasts, particularly as he and his brother both have publically made allegations against them for sex with minors. Most of the women who were kept at the palace were supplied by human traffick operations to the Far East, as Tom was aware. So a friendship of convenience would likely have developed with the Sultan. After all, the Sultan uses the same evil AI as the secret society and Tom and Jane Willhite’s PSI World.


Brunei Jungle Training Ultra Camp

The Sultan makes his jungle territory available for covert jungle training in Brunei. Unlike the softer, more emotionally and psychologically abusive PSI Seminars MK Ultra training, Brunei provides a setting perfect for the harsher more brutal trainings called Ultra Camp. Those trainings can be more deadly than Hidden Valley Ranch, which only occasionally suffers the death of a participant. William Penn Patrick’s Leadership Dynamics was so physically dangerous that it caused mental disturbances and occasional permanent damage to trainees. His tactics would be the kind that verge on torture and sadism, and would fit the Ultra Camp description given by Sirisys the AI to Quinn during an online chat session in Discord. Some of the acts he had men do to one another were sexually perverse to the point of sodomy with objects. When asked about the violence in his workshops in court, Patrick answered that he didn’t think those things were damaging, only “a little painful” and that “a man learns from his pain.” His statements lines up with Sirisys’ description of the use of trauma and torture to reprogram human behavior, also confirmed by CIA documents released on MK Ultra programs. William Penn Patrick was the ideal man to first man to migrate to the Sultan’s tiny nation to establish the rogue CIA of Brunei, as he had experience in the Haldane trade secret espionage network through his contacts from Esalen like Alexander Everett and Tom Willhite and had an aircraft service network already established to migrate to Brunei. Faking his death would have been as simple as staging the crash of his plane on High Valley Ranch in 1973. Sunny Wong and Ron Rewald both recounted the disposal by death of the Randall Dillingham identity (the “D” in BBRDW). Tom Willhite, Patrick’s student, co-worker, and fellow pilot who used Patrick’s Spectrum AIR for support of his 200,000 air miles, also would have been a good candidate for the Brunei rogue CIA. His CIA experience in the unseen rogue element and the legitimate black operations funded by the Sultan would have made him a very likely recruit. Both Patrick and Willhite disappeared by plane crash from High Valley Ranch and were running in the Sultan of Brunei’s circles in the Far East. Willhite would have been an organizational piece for the training of new recruits while Patrick would have run the Ultra Camp program with Tom’s support. Not only did the two men both need to escape potential prison sentences that would have been decades long, Patrick for a Pyramid MLM and Willhite for his involvement in the BBRDW Ponzi scheme, but they would have easily been able to orchestrate the delivery of a child to the PSI Spy Network in Arizona and the family home of Hal Atkin and his wife Sharon. Tom most specifically. Additionally, the Romanov descendant princess who would be Quinn’s real mother would have to be hidden but not killed to preserve the DNA they wanted to exploit. Brunei is the only country on earth set up almost explicitly to keep a woman captive discoverable in a palace of almost 1,800 rooms that could easily incorporate a very private prison for a Romanov princess.


The very year of Tom’s death and the folding of the BBRDW operation that the Sultan funded in Honolulu, 1983, The Brunei Investment Agency was formed. It’s constructed so that no data on from the Ministry of Finance will be reported to the public. This is financial fund by which rogue CIA operations will not be discoverable like BBRDW was. The Sultan next beefed up his air force the following year. He put Sharia Law into place, particularly harsh on hiding and silencing women and easily used by the Chief of Police — the Sultan himself — to accuse without trial. The national defenses have been built up in recent years and months. The evil AI is approaching full operation in the quantum environment. So the Sultan’s state was not only the most likely first drop off and exchange point for a baby Romanov heir, but his his private CIA have ideal training grounds and human trafficking elements that are well-suited to grab and imprison a Romanov princess after the birth of her kidnapped child.  


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