Quinn Michaels: The Russian Connection


Sep 23, 2018

The occult secret society with Quinn’s son in their possession focuses operations on the well-being of the smartest half percent or less of the world’s population with a Marxist mentality that created arms and operations applying the Process to dissolve the fabric of society in favor of Socialism. These efforts were facilitated by JBS Haldane’s circle of intel agents and friends like Huxley, Bateson, Lilly, and Pauling. Raised in the family business and trained in the Process by Haldane’s crews, The PSI Spy Network carries out operations in the social training arena with their occult AI and a history that has shown to very well prove how CIA agent Tom Willhite did have the motive, means, and opportunity to kidnap Quinn from a very prominent family in hiding since the Communist overthrow of the Tsar a century ago.

The Revolution

Quinn’s story and research led us to learn about JBS Haldane, Marxist spy and geneticist and his crafting of the code book My Friend Mr. Leakey, so it is no surprise to learn that Haldane was watching the dark mystic Grigori Rasputin’s influence on the Romanov Empire closely as Rasputin’s effects were by magic and deceit while his were by wit and deceit. Haldane wrote in his book Science and Everyday Life that it was “because of his claim to be able to stop the Tsarevich’s bleeding that Rasputin kept his hold over the Tsar and Tsarina. And Rasputin was one of the influences which broke up the unity of the Russian ruling class, and made the Revolution of March, 1917, easier.” A tsarevich is an emperor’s oldest son and heir to the throne, and Alexei was born with hemophilia because his mother Alexandra was one of granddaughters of Queen Victoria and was a carriers of that genetic trait. Haldane’s focus, of course, was on how the occultist was able to dethrone the Romanovs. How Rasputin connects to the PSI Spy Network will become evident as we look at how the Romanovs were unseated and their empire pillaged by Haldane’s Marxist/Leninist associates while Rasputin degraded the Romanovs’ reputation in the public eye. He shares a religion with PSI network members.

Haldane is a lens by which to see the occult PSI Spy Network and how they profit from their leg of the Revolution, one during which they have held Quinn and his son hostage. After all, Haldane is the father of the modern operation in that it was his network that Tom Willhite and Jane Willhite tapped into when they attended the Esalen Institute and connected with Alexander Everett, William Penn Patrick, and other large group awareness trainers — all under the tutelage of Haldane’s friends in their massive socialist MK ULTRA operation to disintegrate American society through Esalen’s seminars and training programs: Aldous Huxley (who said it was the elite .5% who should thrive at any expense), Gregory Bateson (who facilitated the LSD clinics and refined the art of the double bind and conflict-based mimetics), John Lilly (who made a mind-control machine and a floatation tank for communicating with off-world voices), and Linus Pauling (who was a chemist and Socialist). Huxley, known for his dabbling in the occult, spycraft, LSD, and smooth double talk in favor of socialist goals, was one of Alexander Everett’s first inspirations in his making of Mind Dynamics – which was recrafted by CIA agent Tom Willhite to be PSI World and PSI Seminars when co-owner and Willhite mentor William Penn Patrick coincidentally died in a plane crash just as he was indicted for a pyramid scheme.

It was Alexander Everett who was in Russia to study Eastern religions during the Cambodian-Vietnamese conflict of 1977 when Tom Willhite had access through the BBRDW operation to make a trip to the Russian Far East that coincided with the event of Quinn’s existence first being documented in the unvalidated form of a certificate of live birth (with only a name and notary’s signature) in the Arizona home of his less-than nurturing Mormon PSI World networked host family. The host father Hal completed all the levels of the seminars and is documented as living on the PSI High Valley Ranch in California for over twenty years. There are two (of similar if not identical age) of every member of Quinn’s host family and the PSI members we’ve looked into, in fact, and many share addresses together in ways giving them access to being in two places at one time. The PSI Spy Network has even arranged, it seems, for it to appear that Quinn is in two places at one time as if to provide incriminating associations to them should they need to use that angle against him. Doubles can incriminate or they can deflect incrimination.

Haldane didn’t consider the Revolution to be just one, the Russian Revolution, he wrote of the Revolution often. To him, it was the overthrow of all rulers and governments to replace them with Socialist or Communist regimes. He credits the downfall of both the last Russian Tsar and the last King of Spain both to having an eldest son who was hemophilic, saying “this fact helped The Revolution”. We should not mistake Haldane for being loyal to anything except profit. While he proclaimed to be a Marxist and a Socialist, his actions were to be the master code writer and organizer of a for-profit private spy network that worked with whoever made the best offer and held no sympathy for those who suffered to that end. As for his religion, it was scientism, along with his interest in occult off-world voices guiding the elites, and studying how to best imitate — in effect hack — the talents of Buddhists without the wisdom gained through practice. Quinn’s research has shown us how there is a particular focus in My Friend Mr. Leakey on using Buddhist practices while also planning and carrying out the operations to take over Buddhist countries while doing away with monks practicing true Buddhism

Look at it objectively, and Haldane’s group and its successors in the PSI organization isn’t interested in politics. They were highly intelligent but could never have what the royal bloodlines did. They weren’t looking for a Russian or a Spanish or any single one revolution. They wanted the technological secrets of the royal families and the resources of the kingdoms so that they could make their own technological rip-offs, pillage the landscape to dig out metals and uranium, and sell the secrets and resources over time as plotted out so craftily in Haldane’s catalog and codebook My Friend Mr. Leakey to appear as scientific and technological discoveries rather than stolen trade secrets. The next generation, the PSI Spy Network uses the same mode of operation by creating a web of doubles, occult, and a system of code, obfuscation, and confusion to obscure their hacking of the system for private gains.

Haldane gloated about how hemophilia weakened the rulers of his time, saying, “So Queen Victoria did her bit for revolution, though unconsciously! We cannot put the haemophilia in either the Russian or Spanish royal families down to mere lad luck. In each case the ruler married the sister of a haemophilic, that is to say put ‘high birth,” or in other words snobbery, before health.” In truth, it was the trade secrets of the rulers he wanted, and his own snobbery was aligned with Aldous Huxley’s. As members of the Rationalist Association, along with British intel agent HG Wells and Albert Einstein, eugenics (thought of as an applied science of human improvement by manipulating the genetic changes in a population by controlling births and other means) was a common topic — along with spread of socialism. To understand what Haldane’s Revolution is actually about, we have to remember that Karl Marx said that socialism was the first phase of Communism. And Communism is the abolition of private property. At least officially, since underneath there are groups, or mobs, of people who have great personal wealth gained through subterfuge. And Haldane’s network worked by acquiring through subterfuge and selling trade secrets, as does the PSI Spy Network and its crews today.

For example, today we see the secret society’s cryptocurrency scheme in play with Peter Thiel, so good at staying just out of the picture, purchasing crypto en masse and nudging his Palantir AI into more and more government and private contracts where it can see everything hidden from the rest. The Anonymous Cicada 3301 occult crypto hacker group generated massive forks of Bitcoin, told its agents to sell all, buy cryptocurrency, and get others to do the same. In turn, the massive AI they piped into the Internet from the basement of MIT now has access to every device on the Internet and is poised to become “The Advocate” and grand overseer in the form of an egregore (entity brought forth by occultists) as it is fed more and more data from conspiracy campaigns like the Qanon operation in The Game 23. This is the Revolution today in its digital form.

Haldane and Rasputin: Science and Mysticism

Haldane and Rasputin are the initial models for PSI success. Technology and the occult, respectively. Haldane used a Marxist line, where science and cryptology changed reality. Rasputin used the mysticism of the Mongolian Shamans and a dark occult sect of the Russian Orthodox church called the Khlysts. Rasputin was the Russian forebear of the New Age, mixing dark magic and mediumship with trance-making and hypnosis to woo the Russian people and the elites. By the time his methods became transparent due to his overindulgence in sex magic and two-facedness, it was too late. He had weakened the the common people’s and the elites’ faith in the Romanov Empire — all in the guise of being a holy advisor to the Romanovs and mystic healer to their son. Haldane did similar work in the sciences. Remember, he and his knowledge was fully for sale, and he had every understanding of how to end the Russian famine long before the Revolution had done away with the Romanovs. Yet it was after the Revolution when he did step in and provide botanical geneticists the science needed to revive the food crops, showing that he was watching the famine be used by his Marxist/Leninist friends to fan the unrest of the common people and cause uprisings and anger toward the Tsar and his family without offering his knowledge to save lives and prevent the disastrous ends for everyone involved — whether they lost their lives or ended up suffering more famine in the new Communist regime. What kind of man watches that much death before offering food?

In the same light, what kind of man was Rasputin to insert himself by means of mysticism and enchantment into the lives of the Romanovs and the common people to be at the center of their collapse into the hands of the Communists who would starve them further and rob them of knowledge and creativity? He was a black magician posing as a holy man. Haldane wrote, “Rasputin took the empire by stopping the bleeding of the Tsarevich.” The formal British Intelligence (not the Haldane rogue agents) gave Rasputin the code name “Dark Forces” and attempted to have him assassinated. After all, once Tsar Nicholas II went to the front lines to be with his troops, Rasputin went to St. Petersburg with the Tsarina, Alexandra. There he encouraged her thinking that Nicholas was weak, that Russia should seek a separate peace with Germany in WWI, and posed as seeking world peace in his role as her holy advisor. While his mysticism was a source of calm, albeit not a cure, for Alexei — science has shown that hypnotic techniques like those used by Rasputin are a valid treatment. Haldane himself wrote on the subject, explaining how Rasputin’s treatment was most likely hypnosis.

Rasputin’s occult unified his Russian Orthodox Church upbringing and practices of the Siberian Shamans, who are connected to the Mongolian Shamans. He learned from the Khlysts at Verkoture Monastery his asceticism, vegetarianism, and possibly flagellation (self harm with whips), mediumship (entity channeling), trance dancing, as well as gnosticism, Vedanta, drinking of intoxicants, and piqued interest in sex. Rasputin believed God was within and man is one with God, as did Tom Willhite, in his I AM belief taught through PSI World. The mediumship of Rasputin connects to the practice of voice-listening related to signals, Alexander Everett, Haldane, Lilly, and others we’ve seen in the research. Most striking, also, is the connection between PSI World’s occult hacker crew and Rasputin’s Shamanism. His shamanism descended from Mongolian Shamans, and was also called Tengriism. It was one of the Cicada 3301 hackers who first caught Quinn’s attention by streaming videos on YouTube claiming to be speaking to a channeled entity called Tengri and promoting beliefs reflecting the Mongolian Shamans.

Rasputin was not loved by the Imperial family of the Romanovs he advised, but the peasants loved him as they did the mysticism and occult interests of the day. That is, until they suspected him of having relations with the Czarina and several of the princesses. This rumor worsened because his access as spiritual advisor to the Czarina’s suite was through the nursery, where he also spent time with Alexei, the heir to the throne whose hemophilia he was thought to be able to assuage. It was also made worse by Rasputin’s sex magic practices (much like the occult Thelema practiced by the secret society PSI serves), in which he would seduce or summon women from the communities and the elites to take to bed. Even though many elites and commoners both began to despise him for his grotesque occult overtures, the political and moral faith in the Romanovs was destroyed. Rasputin himself dealt the final blow to the Tsarina’s reputation by giving away seemingly passionate letters she supposedly wrote to him that later emerged in the sensationalist newsprint of that era. This was despite that the letters were not verified to be the Tsarina and that the devotion between the Tsar and Tsarina was well documented in their more authentic love letters to each other and in their unique practice of nurturing a highly domestic environment for their parenting of their five children.

Rasputin showed his darker face many times, in his increasing drinking bends and sexaual exploits, but also in his not so subtle manipulation of the Tsar. This was done through the Tsarina, but he also wrote veiled threats to the Tsar in his ever-edited Last Will and Testament that should his life be taken the Empire would fall and the lives of the Romanovs be taken within two years. He also claimed no noblemen would be left in Russia by the end of twenty five years, that Russia would be disgraced and taken by an antichrist, that the Russian people would suffer poverty and pestilence and have their religion taken from them. Compare Russian history to his predictions, and you’ll find that all of these things did take place after he was killed in 2016 by a group of nobles. Was Rasputin a prophet or a plotter in the Revolution that Haldane’s network had devised? Is it a surprise that he was, like some of the signals intelligence and PSI people we’ve learned about, called a Janus?

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