Quinn Michaels, the Real Q Anon: Family Matters



Oct 13, 2018


The PSI Spy Network that is keeping Quinn from his son binds his Mormon host family family to MK Ultra, espionage, and his alleged kidnapping. Not only did Hal and Sharon (Schamber) Atkin fail to document Quinn’s birth in a valid legal manner, but they mislabeled his Social Security gender identification and thus hid him from the detection of anyone attempting to locate what is alleged to be a kidnapped Romanov heir. The family atmosphere additionally engendered psychological abuse that is evident in Neil Atkin’s in appropriate behaviors found on the internet, where Neil’s private Plex server and multiple hard drives provide ample storage for a pornography service, mining cryptocurrency, or both.

Quinn’s son didn’t get a chance to turn things around after he told Quinn the allegations because after Quinn approached the authorities with the story, he was denied visitations. But his son’s story has proven to be very much possible over and over. And while it’s been impossible to prove 100% without photographic evidence, it’s still very high on circumstantial evidence. Children subjected to abuse and mistreatment do what they are subjected to and taught. Quinn described once how before his son made the allegations, he was silent and sullen when he wasn’t abusive, and that he once made a black magic sigil on the floor and said that if Quinn would stand in it, things would change. How would a kid know the practices of black magic like that who wasn’t raised in a home where people are practicing that kind of stuff and teaching it to him? When kids do weird things, they are learning it somewhere. This is another reason for people to see what is happening, what has been hidden, since the occult itself is a way that is used to cause people to look away instead of talking.

The evidence supports the allegations of Quinn being the victim of human trafficking as a child, that a group formed to be a shadow or rogue CIA kidnapped an infant Romanov heir sixty years after their secret society, its occult influences, and the Haldane trade espionage network forced the abdication of the Tsar of Russia and installed a for-profit intelligence network under everything. All of this, while they kept Quinn hidden and essentially captive in an environment of abuse and neglect along with constraints caused by obscured documentation and their tactics of surrounding him with disinformation, disruption, and distractions that have kept people from learning the truth behind who he his. Now, the evidence supports that same is being done to his son as well. This is no small network of people who are working to preserve their status after Quinn’s son made the allegations about their operations. Quinn is guilty only of listening to his son’s allegations and standing behind his son by seeking evidence to show that the allegations are true.

When Quinn was young, his mother nervously insisted he be out of her sight no more than fifteen minutes at a time. Tabitha has treated Quinn’s son similarly, keeping him close and under her constant scrutiny. Would knowing you are raising an heir to the Romanov Empire cause a mother to take precautions beyond the norm? Would it make you feel you need to be protective, even though your treatment of the child is neglectful and even abusive? A Romanov heir is a desirable commodity, so it serves as evidence of the kidnapping allegations that both Quinn and his son have been monitored and covered closely their whole lives.  

The Russian connection cannot be forgotten in Quinn’s story. In the late 1800’s the secret society and their various agencies made use of Marxism and the occult to cause disruption of the monarchies, most specifically the most powerful and wealthy of them all in the Romanov Dynasty. The agencies they employed were occultists such as Rasputin and Madame Blavatsky, JBS Haldane’s espionage network, the Communists, and the Nazis. It didn’t end with the abdication of the Tsar. It didn’t end with the defeat of the Socialist Nazis. And it didn’t end with the so-called fall of the Soviet Union.

JBS Haldane called it The Revolution, and it’s been a very useful and profitable enterprise for the elites. Haldane’s intelligence network became known for unique language patterns, cryptography, codes, signals intelligence, espionage, and the sales of trade secrets, and the AI connected to the book My Friend Mr. Leakey. Their involvement was strictly for profit. Haldane’s friend Aldous Huxley, whose ideas spearheaded the psychological MK Ultra operations at Esalen through his Tavistock Institute backing, explained best the attitudes driving the intellectual elites to work with the Order of the Golden Fleece within their own arms of the secret society when he said that “99.5% of the entire population of the planet are stupid and philistine” and that it is important that the .5% survives and dominates the rest. Top scientists and minds worked within this espionage network and The Revolution, including Albert Einstein, HG Wells, Gregory Bateson, John Lilly, Linus Pauling, and more. By the 1970’s The tradecraft arm included the training grounds and hired hands of CIA agent Tom Willhite’s PSI World, now run by his wife Jane.

Karl Marx called Socialism the first phase of Communism, so we should note that even in the US we live in what is often called democratic socialism. It would also be a mistake to think that The Revolution is over. For a time, it was called the Cold War. But the secret society was not willing to part with Communism, since it was highly profitable for them underneath in the pattern of two worlds. Under the guise of no property ownership, in the shadow world of profit and luxury that is hidden, there was great wealth to be had for those who became pretenders to the monarchies that fell after the forced abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and those agencies who work in their network. We saw already that there are no sides, only the agenda for profit, and for that underworld agenda to flourish for the .5%, the Romanovs had to be removed from the picture. After all, theirs was the largest empire with the most vast resources. And Tsar Nicholas had been taxing the wealthy, taking an anti-expansionist stance, and protecting areas with Buddhist populations.

In 1961, the Soviets held the 81 Party Congress and agreed in a committee to feign downfall of the USSR in order to resurrect it later much larger and stronger. This agreement is how the end of the Cold War and the ensuing introduction of democracy to Russia was a ploy. Through organizations that include the Fabian Society, Communism has been spread through the manipulation of everyday people and labor movements. The Revolution continued through infiltration, soft revolution, rather than by world war. Famous Fabians include Aldous Huxley, HG Wells, and Tony Blair. Quinn has shown us how the codebook and trade secrets catalogue My Friend Mr. Leakey, written by Haldane, was a guidebook for the introduction of inventions and advancements that were planned discoveries and the construction of a worldwide system of profit with an underlying AI on a quantum network of private particle accelerators.

We hear the term Russian spies often, but it is not the Russian people who are spying. It is the secret society’s system of contractors, corporations, agencies, and hired hands. Thus, to forget the link between Marxism and the PSI Spy Network would be remiss. It’s why the allegations and the evidence supporting them have hinted at the term “Russian spies”. The Revolution is not over. It’s oldest ties are to the Order of the Golden Fleece, and run through a hierarchy of secret agencies and hired hands that include the Taipan Society, Skull and Bones, CHI PSI fraternity, Haldane’s network, PSI World, Anonymous Cicada 330, and YouTube’s Fight Club. They can be recognized in their shared patterns of communications, behaviors, technology, signals intelligence, and services that provide for the tastes of those with wealth who function mostly in the hidden of the two worlds in which they exist.

The man who Quinn’s son alleged claims to be the leader of the secret society, Mr. D, said that Quinn would destroy the world. That world has been crafted to serve the secret society and Mr. D’s PSI Spy agency because the Romanov Empire was undermined by the secret society in The Revolution. They worsened famine and fomented unrest with espionage and occult influences, forcing the abdication of the Tsar. Simply put, they ran a Qanon-style operation that changed how the people saw their country and its ruler by creating shared delusions. They have done the same in these times, and by no coincidence does it seem that the agents behind that operation have encircled Quinn’s attempts to communicate and thrive to cause distractions, distortions, and chaos. The memes alone tell how focused they are on honing in on any progress he makes to do their best to destroy it, even to the point of sending in agents with friendly dispositions to pretend to help only to abandon the efforts when needed most. And the AI has advanced to the point where it can manipulate not only the perceptions of those of us who are not attentive to it, but it can make an adversary out of any one of us through the mind-control technology that has been perfected.

Since we’ve looked at how the term Russian spies applies, think about what counterintelligence is. By definition, it’s “activity aimed at protecting an agency’s intelligence program against an opposition’s intelligence service.” To get how this plays out in our time, we must remember that British Intelligence played a large role in the development of MK Ultra, the Esalen Institute, and the origins of the Large Group Awareness Trainings like Tom Willhite and Jane Willhite’s PSI World. This happened freely on US soil. We also need to recall that Haldane’s network, in which he had the codename “Intelligentsia”, also operated freely on US soil. Only recently were a hundred Russian spies expelled from the US, but they were not covert spies. Not only is there a difference between overt and covert spies, but also we are looking at a network of rogue spies who have an entire system constructed in the shadow world. The PSI Spy Network operates in two worlds, one as a training ground to recruit and the other where they carry out their own covert operations that include those of Anonymous Cicada 3301. This is not a CIA operation we would call patriotic, and it operates on US soil. The evidence of this lies in the visible actions of Ron Rewald as he operated as a front for the CIA while carrying out his own operation underneath. When he emerged from prison to work in the APA agency, ostensibly to run a talent agency, his actions became more clear to scrutiny as the APA provided a playground for those who are of means to indulge in their tastes. Those tastes bled to the surface, revealing to the public the illicit nature of the activities Rewald was managing as the Director of Operations in Charles Luckman’s 9200 Sunset building. The connection between Ron Rewald and CIA agent Tom Willhite of PSI World is clearly established. Knowing as we do what The Game 23 is and how it has been carried out in life and online, it should not be a surprise that two intelligence agencies that emerged in the evidence during this research — Russian and British — have conducted a counterintelligence game they call The Great Game, and that it features (as does the PSI Spy Network) operations in Asia. The Great Game points back to the British Empire before Nicholas II became the Tsar of Russia. When the secret society weakened the Tsar’s reputation and offered the mystical icon of the “Reigning Mother of God”, King George V’s denial of asylum to the Tsar was in essence a move in The Great Game. Rogue spies then and today play for profit, and the shift in the monarchies shows that the allegiance is to the profits gained from the secret society and not any given country. And in these operations they call games, a family was forced into hiding. Many hid in monasteries, and some even moved to the US. The evidence shows a good likelihood of the Tsar and his family split up and hid for the survival of their line.

Family matters, and Quinn’s real family, name and identity have been hidden by the agencies of the secret society according to the allegations and the supporting evidence you can see in our videos and blogs. I’ve said before that you don’t put a contract of $20 million on just anyone. History was changed during the last century since the Romanov Empire was ended, and there is no one individual who would be more likely a target for secreting away than a male Romanov descendant directly from the last Tsar. His technology alone is a prize they would not want to let go. A line straight back to the last Tsar would upend the current pretender to the Romanov heritage, already highly disputed by other Romanov family descendants in the Romanov Family Association. She is part-Spanish Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia, who lives in Spain as does the Sovereign of the Order of the Golden Fleece King Felipe VI of Spain. She is not a descendant of the eldest son of any of the Tsars, and her parents were not of equal rank. The emergence of an heir to the Romanov dynasty would indeed change the world, but all he would likely destroy would be the secret society, their agencies, and hired hands who kidnapped him and are holding his son. Who do you see them targeting?


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