Quinn Michaels: The Game That’s Not a Game



Sep 2, 2018


The Game 23 is no game, though the Anonymous Cicada 3301 crypto hackers on the Internet try to make it look like one. In the case of Quinn Michaels, as relayed by his son, it has been used to kidnap and plunder the life and work of someone with uniquely high intellect and talent. At the same time, the intelligence operation furthers its purpose to invade all of our devices and lives by hacking everything connected to the internet and crashing the currency with a cryptocurrency scheme.

All of the elements of training, gaming, the occult, and ruthlessness came together in Quinn’s life when he attended a summer program at PSI Seminars’ High Valley Ranch in California as a teen. After his abilities were measured at NASA space camp, Quinn’s parents became active in PSI Seminars. At 15, he was sent to a PSI Seminars summer training for top kids at the ranch. But who are the PSI Seminar people, and what kind of games do they play with people in their training? To start, it’s essentially a gamification of self-growth training for a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme in which trainees are led to level-up by taking more training. Some become trainers, like Quinn did until he realized they were not right. His leaving precipitated misfortunes and persecution at the hands of Mr. Dewity and the secret society that have grown to the extremes we see today, in which he is isolated and his son is being held from him in the hands of people practicing the occult.

As a teen, Quinn had already experienced neglect and psychological abuse in the home of his Mormon host family, but through PSI Seminars he was pulled deeper int bythe secret society. It was not a coincidence, Quinn’s son informed him, since he’d seen the host parents with Mr. Dewity and had been told they were in on the plan since his kidnapping as a child. And with the AI monitoring the results of training and simulations, after space camp, they had measurements of his abilities to motivate moving forward with his training.

The culture of ruthlessness Quinn encountered in PSI Seminars is rooted in its origins as one of many offspring of a self-improvement schemes that emerged from The Process Church at the New Age Esalen Institute. The Process Church itself emerged from occultist groups including Aleister Crowley’s A∴A∴ and Thelema, L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, and the Ascended Masters teachings in the New Age St. Germain Foundation (the I AM movement) that, underneath the Satanic practices and majick, point toward off-world communication such as JBS Haldane described in his early writings. In turn, the New Age Esalen Institute was a Rockefeller-funded “Human Potential Movement” breeding ground for spin-off movements that included the psychedelic age, exploratory religions, and self-improvement schemes in the retreat setting of Big Sur not very far from the San Simeon Hearst Castle. In this setting, The Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT), which included PSI Seminar founder Tom Willhite, became known for a particularly brutal and even perverted approach to how human potential can be reached.

On the surface, PSI is associated with the people like Bob Proctor behind The Secret movie, publications, and trainings. They sell training after training without revealing how “it” (the goal or secret) is achieved, pushing the trainee to pay thousands of dollars per each training event. They’ve been called a pyramid scheme and have been accused of scamming clients, accused of ruining marriages, and have even settled out of court for six figures with one emotionally wrecked man who crashed his car in a state of sleeplessness, dehydration, and hyper-arousal after leaving a seminar. They gamified the Human Potential Movement. But that is the lighter side.

Underneath, the darker practices at PSI Seminars stemmed from their earliest collaborations with other LGAT leaders who met at the Esalen Institute. The institute itself, founded by Stanford graduates Michael Murphy and Dick Price, gained a bohemian reputation for sex, drugs, psychedelics, New Age mysticism, and psychology it produced. In the 1960’s, a group of salesmen snatched the Esalen Human Potential process of transformation and adapted it to their particularly sadistic and profitable occult model. This began with a Alexander Everett’s Mind Dynamics, for which Esalen alumnus Werner Erhard and Tom Whillhite were trainers. Erhard’s spin-offs included EST, where he was known for being callous and shouting vulgarities at trainees who were provided “barf bags” and monitored for fainting by “body catchers” because of the extremes in the trainings. He faded to obscurity after sexual misconduct, abuse, and lawsuits plagued him. Willhite worked with Erhard and then was mentored by another man known for brutal behavior, William (Bill) Penn Patrick. Patrick, who was federally indicted for a pyramid scheme in his Holiday Magic MLM business, bought Mind Dynamics and worked with Willhite at the High Valley Ranch in Clearlake Oaks, CA. Like Erhard, Penn had multiple lawsuits and allegations of sexual misconduct and physical abuse made against him. His training methods were so extreme that his practices were the subject of a book called The Pit: the pit: a group encounter defiled, by Gene Church & Conrad D. Carnes, that depicts a true account of a Leaderhip/Mind Dynamics training featuring sado-masochistic exercises making use of a cage, a cross, a noose, a coffin, piano wire, and oxygen bottles. This explicit scene from the book is not for children or people who are sensitive to foul language and descriptions of violence:

He then moved in front of my friend Bill Schwartz, and said, “If it’s necessary, gentlemen, for us to beat the s**t out of someone until he can’t think straight enough to lie, what do you think we’re going to do?” The class seemed stunned. A few responded, “Beat the s**t out of him?” in a questioning tone. And Ben replied, “That’s right.” He then positioned himself directly in front of Schwartz, drew back, and with a full swing, hit Schwartz squarely in the face. Schwartz flew backwards off his chair and hit the wall, then crumpled to the floor. He scrambled back to his chair. (http://bit.ly/ExcerptFromThePit)

In 1971, a young woman died at the ranch during a Youth Leadership Institute training class because of the extreme measures the teens were put through during training. After Patrick died when the plane he piloted crashed on the High Valley Ranch property in 1973, Tom and Jane bought the property and continued there with PSI World and then PSI Seminars. Tom himself died in a plane crash when he was piloting over the ranch in 1983, and since then Jane Willhite has continued the process in PSI Seminars.

You can see how the gaming practice in a Generative Adversarial Network occured in the evolution of the training. Teens still climb poles and lean off cliffs during the youth trainings. The exercises still involve degrading people and then building them up with the goal of keeping them looped into ever evolving training sessions. The culture involves severe opposition and a do-whatever-it-takes mentality, breaking psychological boundaries, and then creating desire for more training and to recruit others. Willhite had more than one friend who was an agent for the CIA, which has brought scrutiny on PSI, and Jane herself was investigated by the FBI in 1996 around finance but brushed it off by calling it part of something she called Filegate. The atmosphere, when Quinn attended, still involved questionable risks and adults involved in sexual misconduct. Do a search and the cult watch websites and scam webpages are still riddled with client reports of ruined relationships, financial burden, and sexual escapades. And the occult influences of Alexander’s original Mind Dynamics are still present, including Edgar Cayce’s work, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Egyptology, Silva Mind Control, and Unity. Silva was a signals intelligence officer in World War II which is relevant to the research on intelligence, hackers, and artificial intelligence. PSI Seminars went as far as to feature LGAT seminars such as Principia Discordia, based on Aleister Crowley, chaos theory, magick, and the use of discord and disruption to create transformation. So you see, there is much more than a speed limit sign that reads 23mph indicating the reality of The Game 23 on that ranch.

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