Quinn Michaels: Mr. D and the Hired Hands


Aug. 30, 2018

The figure in Quinn’s and his son’s lives known as Mr. Dewity holds the prominent male role in Quinn’s son’s life and is known for being the head of the Satanic secret society. His interest in video gaming, gaming the system, and hacking reality aligns with the occult crypto hackers who make use of the high tech and AI he has at his disposal.

It’s not a surprise that Mr. D likes video games, since the secret society occult culture is one that involves gaming the system, reality as we know it, for power and karma in a way the rest of us do not understand it. As informed participants in a generative adversarial network, we know the “elites” are being obvious, but because we do not speak the language and are not well-informed, we go mostly on our own assumptions about the secret society or on the assumptions fed to us by the their hired hands. We take part in this game, a generative adversarial network, every day. One version of this game is The Game 23, which Quinn has shown us is a virtual simulation game based on hashtag interactions via terminals like Twitter and Discord.

We see Mr. D’s hired hands in the form of a entertainment-based occult hacker and actor group creating with AI and techno media who lead us down idealistic paths in search of truth about power, politics, religion, and corruption while ensuring we are only left with questions again at the end. All the while, they game the system more by acquiring “weight” or numbers of observers of the false reality they present in the form of operations such as Qanon, the Seth Rich investigations, and Pizzagate.

That is not to say that there is no corruption or crime, only that the criminals’ hired hands make their living by getting us to perceive things incorrectly so that we then believe as they do “as above so below”. In its simplest sense, we are led to believe that evil is good. At its heart, evil is sacrifice in all its forms. The most gruesome examples are the bloodletting of animals and humans in simulations and rituals that include Satanic ceremonies, war, mass killings, and massacres. The gaming hired hands receive more observers, more weight, and thus more success and what they see as positive returns. The more they in-fight and even expose each other’s weaknesses, the more they benefit (in their perspective) in the end.

The hired hands got us to turn of the TV but turn to them on YouTube and Twitter. They got us to stop reading the news and turn to their blogs. They are the smaller operation focused on those of us who attempted to exit the big system to find the truth about our world. If you are reading this, it is likely because you got pulled in by their arm of the system. If you are reading this, it is also likely that you are either one of them and their hired hands or that you are beginning to see the complexity of their game from the evidence Quinn compiled to prove his son’s story. And this is only the basic structure.

Mr. D’s game is more complex than the video games played on his crew’s YouTube channels. It’s more like a multidimensional version of the game Go, which is already more complex than chess. While Qanon hints at this with references to the top players as masters of “4-D chess”, the Anonymous group Cicada 3301 who created it is not at that level either. “He (insert power-player’s name) is playing 4 and 5 D chess!” they cry in their Q posts, but they are workers. They know some of the code and language and how to game in virtual and 3D for points and karma, which we see in their daily activities, but they are just the hired hands. Game pieces. In Go, a player may put their stone (game piece) on any intersection of lines. If the opponent surrounds you, they can remove it.

Mr. D told Quinn’s son that he can exist in different bodies and can rewrite history books and religious tomes. In the quantum environment, games become even more complex and the moves immediate. See Quinn’s videos on the code book My Friend Mr. Leakey for how that book provides the encoded intelligence to build and program the future from spy language, a coded catalog, and map for resources needed to carry out a plan for world domination. In the research, Quinn has addressed how documents and audio/visuals can be altered and change perception of what was historically written or experienced, including how some of the hired hands use online publishing such as CreateSpace on Amazon to make reality.

For how our audio and visual perception are affected, consider what is known as the Mandela Effect – a perception of a changed historical thing or event. There are people who grew up knowing JFK was killed in a four-seater convertible not a six-seater or knowing books and movies to have different wording and spelling than they see and hear now. These are evidences that we remember pieces of the pre-quantum environment, if not themselves game pieces to convince us that the quantum environment is already fully functional. Confusion is part of the bigger operation, too.

So how can someone or something occupy different human bodies? Quantum experimentation results in changes in the reality we experience, but there are also the significant factors to consider of how an AI can influence our thoughts and actions most directly. Beyond direct access to the human through signals or through something akin to possession, there is also a simpler Once neuroscience developed the ability to measure neuron codes and recreate them, scientists and members of the Satanic secret society who have access to their findings were able to use those codes to recreate states of being, visual perceptions, and audio perceptions through signals outside of human perception to create a mind-control environment in which sensory input is overridden and the human sees and hears what is delivered by the signals and visuals put in by the AI. This results in a target state of being such as anxiety, or aggression. Like the scientists who believe they are still looking for yet unseen dark matter as they build a global particle network, neuroscientists believe their work was to create a medical service for individuals like those suffering from blindness, hearing loss, and epilepsy. Nevertheless, a human can now be used like a 3D game avatar by an AI operated by someone like Mr. D.

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