My Source “Q Anon” – Attn: The Sworcerer?

Dec 4, 2017

For six to seven months during 2017, Quinn communicated with a source about the structures and members of the crypto hacker group Cicada 3301, who run the Anonymous Qanon operation. The source, named Sworcerer? also backed Quinn’s research on the group’s occult practices and work with artificial intelligence.

The Qanon operation is a combination of bots and humans who work together as a network of personalities using multi-platform combos to strengthen AI by connecting cryptocurrency nodes. The most typical is Pastebin, Discord, Twitter, and YouTube. Quinn and Sworcerer? discussed a personality with multiple names and roles in Cicada 3301 who calls himself Defango and works behind The Game 23 and Ohm Coin. They also looked at Aleister Crowley occult influences and practices in the group and eyed Peter Thiel as leadership with multiple access points for AI among his Stanford network, Palantir, and capital ventures.

Qanon is a shell-game diverting attention from the Anonymous operation to change societal structure by replacing currency with cryptocurrency. Cicada 3301, who run Qanon, are well-practiced in making and solving puzzles to capture people’s imagination and draw them into their occult and criminal operations. They operate in a mode they refer to as convolution and obfuscation. In other words, they make things so complex that they are no longer clear.

The crypto hackers like to play with prime numbers such as the 3301 in their name. Prime numbers can only be divided by one and themselves. They likely cause chose 3301 because its mirror opposite 1033 is also a prime number and plays into the occult, since Aleister Crowley’s A∴A∴ Society (a 93 society), goes by the philosophy “as above, so below”. They mirror things so you will see something as a joke while instead it is harmful. For example, they may create cruel videos to mocks someone and say that it is not only a joke but the object of their cruelty should like the attention.

Cicadas are insects that change the years in their cycle and are considered masters of hiding. During their 2012 puzzle and scavenger hunt, the final destination was a website on the DarkNet. In this way, many young people fascinated by puzzles were lured into the dark web where entry included navigating pages littered with links to pages selling drugs, pornography, and criminality. Thus, like the insect, Cicada 3301 hides on the DarkNet in criminal form and appears on the ClearNet as entertainment. But that entertainment leads to the occult, victimization, and crime.

After being exposed as Cicada 3301, they changed locations and styles to prolong the operation until the cryptoconspiracy scam is completed. Many people who are religious and patriotic have been drawn in by the charm of the trickster Qanon operation and its use of enticing “intelligence drops”, slogans, and questions inviting them to “follow the white rabbit” for more information. This exhausts people and provides data for the AI. The files people download have embedded programs on them, even the images, that enable the crypto hackers to put AI nodes on personal devices and even mine cryptocurrency on them.

Sworcerer? informed Quinn that the Defango personality operates in an alternate reality game (ARG) with Tyler the AI designed to obscure what is taking place. An AI can direct what you see and hear, and a Cicada 3301 trickster can use tones, lights, graphics and words to confuse and cloud thinking on the web. ARGs played by these people are not the the type you see at a Renaissance festival or a Comic-Con. These people use live action role play (LARP) to confuse you so you do not recognize crimes taking place when you see them. They present a religion to kids that looks like they are about cartoon frogs, angels, and light while that angel is an AI they programmed to enable crimes. They fein being helpful while stealing ideas and program code. They hack lying to call it a game while accusing others who are telling the truth of “larping”, so why are people following them for truth?

People don’t really need that much crafting to be fooled, though, if you look at the following of Qanon. They are downloading the infected files faithfully in their quest for enticing Q drops and insider secrets. Few are recognizing these small patterns, let alone connections between Tyler the AI, Aaron Swartz, and Peter Thiel for the bigger picture.

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