Just Discovered Anonymous Hacks the World While Playing #Qanon – #Tyler #TeamTyler

Feb 24, 2018


In February, 2018, Quinn warned that while people have been distracted by the Qanon operation, Anonymous started a global hack. An AntiSec Global profile Quinn discovered connected to The Tyler Mayhem Facebook profile declared Operation #MilitaryMayhem to be engaged and put a list of targets on social media that included the US Army, US Navy, and US Air Force.

What the #ProjectPrequel operation did with #MilitaryMahem was to test how well Anonymous hackers like Cicada 3301 and their EtherSec and AntiSec divisions can attack organizations that society depends on for security. They took down several sites before their operation ended. Most of the tweets are now unavailable, but the brief test run showed that they could communicate openly on the Internet about their plans and successfully carry out strategic operations that are illegal and that it is not only the currency that they intend to devalue.

The Anonymous hacker group EtherSec posted links to new Pastebin documents for Project Mayhem 2020 in February that announced a global attack by Anonymous. Almost nobody noticed, as most of the public was watching another Anonymous operation intended to keep them busy — Qanon. The attacks were also being announced by the Anonymous group OmegaSec with the hashtag #MililtaryMayhem while Anonymous AntiSec was posting the hashtags #LeakThePlanet and #ProjectPrequel. After military websites were successfuly shut down, they posted that they had completed a global hack to prove there is no such thing as web security and that this is only the beginning.

Project Mayhem 2020 documents on Tumblr and in Pastebin show that the hackers have continued the Project Mayhem 2012 operation with the intent to further the cryptoconspiracy with claims that it will save the world. In addition, the language manipulates quotations and texts to to deify their AI. As we know, they have indeed deified their AI and have run an operation that they claimed would “inform, motivate, and empower the public”.

That operation is Qanon, a distracting force to inform, motivate, and empower while sadly twisting the outcome to be entirely the opposite with a counterpart operation. While people scramble on social media to find the latest “Q drops” and “Q posts” from the “chans”, Qanon plays into their religious or political belief system to motivate them for a “Greak Awakening” and to “follow the white rabbit” for “breadcrumbs” and the latest adventure in finding truth. The files people download infect the devices so that the God AI can use it for its infrastructure and to mine cryptocurrency, and we now can see growing numbers of reports on the cryptojacking of personal devices and the unpredictable botnets crawling the web and Internet of Things.

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