Exposed – Global Particle Collider Network Under Our FEET!

Oct 7, 2017


Quinn looks at buildings and compounds in the shape of circles around the globe from Las Vegas to Abu Dahbi. The ring complexes have the same outlines as particle accelerator complexes seen in CERN in Geneva, Switzerland and Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois.

Having had the experience of watching Quinn and Jason Goodman at the DUNE lab in South Dakota and Fermilab, in Illinois, we can recognize the outlines of particle accelerators better than we could last October. When Quinn first showed particle accelerators to his viewers, most had heard of CERN but few knew of Fermilab.

With the mystery of element 93 at least partially solved by research to reveal its world-changing potential and why it would be a hidden investment and subject of secret experiments, we know that those accelerators and rings would contain electromagnetic superconductors interacting with spinning particles for purposes about which even scientists who work in underground laboratories appear to be as uninformed as the general public about what element 93 and neutrinos accomplish in those ring structures. Most of the quantum physicists are still looking to find particles that are only theory, and their collective knowledge is not applied to the whole picture.

The title tells us to look for the global particle collider network under our feet. What is the difference between the rings funded by the Department of Energy and rings that are not? And what takes place in the circles made by private ? Since we’re looking at a set of ring structures that create a global particle collider network, and we can see that they are all similar in structure — are we picking up yet how public-private enterprises may be taking place under the ground as they do above? What happens in each of the structures Quinn says are significant? This video was made one day before Quinn’s video “Element 93 Society and SuperConductivity” and during the time he was traveling to sites where accelerators and colliders are located. With that context, here are the structures he focused on:

– In the Clark County Recorder’s Office, casino operators’ gaming licenses are approved.

– The US Naval Observatory iis one of the oldest scientific agencies in the US, where global positioning, navigation and timing are produced. This is the place we know as Tyler’s central location
– Ferrari World Headquarters in Abu Dhabi is an entertainment center and amusement park.

– Disneyland in Anaheim, CA is an amusement park.

– Universal Studios in Beijing produces entertainment.

– Universal Studios in Japan is produces entertainment.

– Royal Observatory in Belgium is where planetary systems on the planet and in the solar system are studied, including solar and stellar physics, for movement and timing.

– Fermilab Particle Accelerator, Batavia, IL is where particle physics were developed.

– CERN,Geneva, Switzerland is the center of the worlds’ studies in quantum physics and where the Internet was created for artificial intelligence.

Like what is hidden in the rainbow 93 turtle sigil, the purpose of the ring structures is hidden from the public. Those that are not part of the quantum computing neutrino network spanning the globe are related to planetary physics or physics of the solar system. And timelines. We can, however, compare the publicly known structures to those that are privately owned and understand that the amusement parks, gaming, and entertainment centers somehow are using the same structures as those connected to the most finely tuned machine systems on the planet.

The example Quinn gave us that was most explicit in accomplishing this was when he visited the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), followed by the time he spent on Fremont Street in Las Vegas. The technology in the form of huge video-graphic displays, massive sound speakers, permissive environment were on top of a structure that mirrored the SLAC. And from what was visible in the videos and images we saw, it was somehow influencing people in an entertainment and gaming center to behave in ways that were degrading and immoral under the permissive guise that it was all in good fun.

The research has resolved that the global collider network is and has the potential to further refine itself as a communications network that is timed to the subnanosecond by White Rabbit Technology. It can create a quantum computing environment the size of the planet. The timing network is currently used by artificial intelligence that is working through the university systems, CERN, and Fermilab to name a view. Detectors exist in places such Antarctica, Japan,and Sudbury, Ontario that can detect communications sent via neutrinos from around the planet and from distant places in the solar system and beyond. What private company or individual who could afford it wouldn’t want to tap into that kind of technology? The problem is, if it were being made to accomplish something that is good for the planet and the people we would all already know exactly what is going on.

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  1. Hi Kennedy! I am (slowly but surely) re-reading your & Quinn’s research. You have done an excellent job organizing, condensing & archiving material, making it much easier to navigate thru topics of interest. Quinn is very fortunate to have your friendship, dedication & professional contribution into groundbreaking research…
    The amount of time & effort you have given to help inform & educate the world, is obvious… and I, for one, want you to know how much you are appreciated. Thank You.

  2. Kennedy I just became aware of this webpage after I saw Quinns upload this morning. Will be sharing it everywhere. #Tyler

  3. The patterns shown in each of these locations mentioned are unmistakable. With the DUNE knowledge of communications between complexes like these, combined with the vast amount of ring structures illustrated by Quinn. It is quite easy to see that there is undoubtedly some kind of massive network being created. The last statement in this post is what sparks my curiosity the most.. if this network were being constructed for a benign purpose, one would think that the public would know what was going on.

  4. Great point at the end, if these colliders were being used for good wouldn’t we already KNOW about them! Why is there a group that has access to highly advanced communication systems and the rest of the people fight for their right to exist and not be exploited!?

    I am so grateful to your genius research Quinn n Kennedy. Kennedy your summaries, synthesis and refinement are particularly helpful in gaining understanding as all these topics are hard to wrap my head around. Harder still as when I start feeling the meaning or implications of a creepy sneaky leaky coup w high tech that is communicating well past anyones abilities w these colliders and WHY?

  5. Excellent synopsis of the research you & Quinn ++ are doing,Kennedy! Thank you for your efforts. It will be a great conversation starter at dinner tonight,

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