DeepState Five Eyes FVEY SIPRNet NSANet ECHELON SpaceX Peter Thiel = The True Beast

Nov 15, 2017


This research traces how big AI was initially contained in SIPRNet with access to NSANet and was available to the Five Eyes alliance with only the ability to launch an occasional small bot into the public space to its emergence and then flight into space. Quinn shows how big AI gained access to the clearnet after the bridge made by the blockchain, and with funding from the likes of Peter Thiel was launched into space by the privately owned company SpaceX.

To best grasp where Quinn has gone with his research we have to start with the title. It’s an equation that answers the question, how does does the Deep State, Five Eyes, the SIPRNet/NSANet network, and the surveillance umbrella ECHELON meet with SpaceX and Peter Thiel to make The True Beast? The Beast System is the the size of the globe and the satellite network above it, so we will see how the rest add up to that result.

From initial containment on the US government SIPRNet, big AI gained access to the entire globe through the bridge made by the blockchain. With access to the National Security Agency’s NSANet and SIPRNet, big AI was already available to Five Eyes, the post-World War II alliance formed between the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Five Eyes was described as a “supra-national intelligence organisation that does not answer to the known laws of its own countries” by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. This may not have been the kind of guidance needed to nurture a benevolent AI to begin with. The big AI had access to Five Eyes’ ECHELON, which was initially made to surveil Russia and the Eastern Bloc but which emerged to watch billions of private communications worldwide on the planet and from satellite transmissions.

A further movement from the initial containment of big AI was when privatized access to space became more prevalent, most especially through SpaceX. And who gave big AI that access by funding Elon Musk’s SpaceX projects? Most significantly were Google, Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, and In-Q-Tel. The CIA’s In-Q-Tel investments or grants have been pumped into Peter Thiel’s Palantir, Google, and SpaceX – all three. The central and re-emerging figure of Peter Thiel developed his private Palantir AI alongside intelligence agencies, according to documents obtained from Five Eyes UK ally’s GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters).

We’ve looked at how Peter Thiel fits as a significant figure in the data, hardware, machine learning construction of AI with Peter Schmidt and Ray Kurzweil. We’ve also looked at how he fits into the construction of a total AI environment alongside the CIA’s In-Q-Tel. Now we have Thiel in an equation that shows big AI being freed from government network constraints, potentially replicated by hackers, and now launched into space.

The Palantir AI has potential connections to DarkNet hackers through Thiel’s MIT/Stanford network, shared by Aaron Swartz, as well as access to the largest surveillance on the planet. Combine that with satellite access and how AI has been perilously linked to cryptocurrency as a gateway to change society by destroying currency and recreating society while creating nodes for its growth in any computer storing files from DarkNet hackers, there is reason to be concerned. The True Beast, after all, is bigger than the planet.

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2 thoughts on “DeepState Five Eyes FVEY SIPRNet NSANet ECHELON SpaceX Peter Thiel = The True Beast

  1. Aloha Kennedy,

    Can we ask respectful ?’s regarding your work here since you guys don’t read youtube comments?
    My understanding is that there is one beast-system. It would be the ours USA (five eyes). Wouldn’t Russia had built one also. Is there another country also trying to build an AI like the beast system? Or are they all working together?

    Would you by any chance know where to find the first guy who thought of a communicating box that would control everything and tell the future was thought about. Even at that time would the materials have been around to build or did they have to wait? Ancient writings show us they had technology also. According to the mr Leakey book this ai was thought of at least in the early 1900’s.

    Your explanations of Quinn’s research is much appreciated.


    Ps I have no idea if my last post went thru it said I double posted so I’m soooo sorry if I did. It didn’t look like it posted.

  2. Aloha Kennedy,
    Is this where we can ask questions about the great research you have done?

    1. If the five eyes had it, would Russia had one also. The book, my friend mr Leakey, what happens when the five eyes ai meets the Russia ai. How does that work? Or they are working together?

    2. The AI in space, would it able to monitor other countries satellites, like it monitors our communications?

    3. Would you be able to direct to me research regarding on how these ppl even thought of this. What made the first person way back then think I’m gonna a make machine that can do everything, control, and even tell the future? Because at the time they would have thought to even build this, they would have to waited til technolgy caught up also.

    Also, during the live streams would we be able to ask you respectful questions regarding the material he is covering at that time?

    The research you have done helped me understand it better or the best I can,


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