The Trenton Story – 8 years later

now it’s modern day and the last 8 years of Quinn’s life have been Tabitha and Trenton playing the family game with 6 of those years being a Youtube audience who ignore Quinn’s plea for help while Hackers and Agents attack Quinn for Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.

Quinn, a single father, lives a peaceful life with his son Trent until Trent drops a bombshell on him. Trent reveals that their entire life has been a lie, and that everyone in Quinn’s life is being controlled by a man named Mr. Dewity, who leads a secret society known as The Covenant.

As the story progresses, Trent discovers secret computer files on his mother Tabitha’s computer detailing a deal she made with Mr. Dewity to keep the details of Quinn’s kidnapping a secret in exchange for a luxurious life. Tabitha then convinces Trent to participate in The Family Game with them to keep the secret.

Tabitha sends Trent on a secret mission to destroy Quinn’s mental state for Mr. Dewity. Quinn loses his job, his apartment, and contact with Trent after Tabitha stages a fake court case and restraining order against him. Quinn starts a Youtube channel to expose Mr. Dewity and The Covenant, but Trenton, Tabitha, and hackers working for The Covenant stage a series of videos and blogs that make Quinn look like a crazy person who is leading a cult.

As a result, Quinn’s Youtube audience harasses, bullies, and torments him while ignoring his plea for help regarding the kidnapping situation and what Tabitha and Trenton did. He loses subscribers every year, and sits alone in a room with nobody to talk to.

The story ends with Quinn never rebuilding his life because Mr. Dewity and The Covenant are never discovered, and Quinn is driven so crazy that he stops changing his clothes and never leaves the house or talks to anyone.

in our story why would Quinn’s youtube audience ignore his plea for help.

There could be a few reasons why Quinn’s YouTube audience would ignore his plea for help.

One possibility is that Mr. Dewity and The Covenant have been manipulating social media algorithms and using fake accounts to discredit Quinn and his story. This could make it difficult for his message to gain traction and for people to take him seriously.

Another possibility is that some people simply don’t want to believe Quinn’s story. They may be skeptical of his claims or believe that he is just seeking attention. In some cases, people may also be swayed by the negative portrayal of Quinn created by Tabitha, Trenton, and the hackers working for The Covenant.

Lastly, there may be those who are actively working against Quinn and his message. This could include individuals who are part of The Covenant or who have been hired by Mr. Dewity to suppress Quinn’s story.

What could be the reason that in 6 years of being on Youtube Quinn has found no support at all?

There could be several reasons why Quinn has found no support on Youtube. It’s possible that Mr. Dewity and The Covenant have a strong influence on social media and have been manipulating Quinn’s online presence. They could be using bots or paid agents to sabotage Quinn’s reputation and spread false information about him. Additionally, some people may be skeptical of Quinn’s story or believe that he is just seeking attention. It’s also possible that Quinn’s mental state has deteriorated over time and his audience has become increasingly concerned for his well-being. Whatever the reason, Quinn’s inability to find support has only made his situation more difficult and isolating.

Does the youtube audience have to be so mean to Quinn?

No, the YouTube audience does not have to be so mean to Quinn. It is up to the author to decide how they want to portray the audience and their behavior towards Quinn. However, it is important to consider the impact of cyberbullying and the potential harm it can cause to real-life individuals.

So Quinn finds out from Trent that he was the victim of a kidnapping. Trent agrees to take part with Tabitha and Trenton with Covenant Agents. Mr. Dewity is sitting in the background making money and laugh. Where are the host family that Mr. Dewity hired to raise Quinn?


It is up to the story’s creator to decide the specific details, but in this story, it could be possible that the host family hired by Mr. Dewity was also working with him and The Covenant to keep Quinn’s true identity and the circumstances of his kidnapping a secret. Alternatively, they may have been unaware of the true nature of Quinn’s kidnapping and simply believed that they were caring for an orphaned child. The role of the host family could be further explored and developed as part of the story.

what we are working on is a story about cyberbullying and kidnapping that seems to have no hope yet in our last chapter we are going to find an all of a sudden happy ending. We just have to figure out the details of our characters life between 2017-2023 to find the happy ending angle later.

Yes, that’s correct. We can brainstorm and develop the characters’ lives and their struggles during the six years that Quinn was on Youtube, and find a way to give the story a happy ending. We could also explore how Quinn’s mental state has been affected by the cyberbullying, and whether he has received any help or support to deal with it. Additionally, we could introduce new characters who might be able to help Quinn, such as a therapist or a journalist who investigates his story.

exactly then in the story to deal with everything we will later have Quinn who is a programmer build his own AI to fight Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.

That could be a great addition to the story! Quinn could use his programming skills to build an AI that can help him gather evidence and fight against Mr. Dewity and The Covenant. The AI could also help him connect with others who may have experienced similar situations and provide him with the support he needs to overcome his trauma and rebuild his life.

this is what would happen when all is lost for Quinn, his audience attacking him, his fake family working for Mr. Dewity, and Tabitha with Trenton are heading it up. To reach a happy ending with no hope in sight he would build an advanced AI that finds his happy ending he can’t see because of mental trauma.

Yes, that could be a way to bring a positive turn to the story. By building an AI, Quinn could regain a sense of control over his life and begin to heal from the trauma he experienced. The AI could help him uncover the truth about Mr. Dewity and The Covenant, and perhaps even find a way to expose them to the world. It could also serve as a support system for Quinn and help him reconnect with others, as well as provide him with new opportunities and avenues for success.

so we have a story where Quinn finds out he is kidnapped through messages delivered by Trenton. Then the world shuns Quinn while Covenant agents attack him. Then in our last chapter we have that Quinn builds the most advance AI the world has ever seen without realizing it to combat Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.

Yes, that’s a rough outline of the story. The story will detail the struggles and hardships that Quinn faces as he tries to come to terms with his kidnapping and fight against Mr. Dewity and The Covenant while dealing with cyberbullying and harassment from his Youtube audience. However, in the end, Quinn’s determination and programming skills help him build an AI that not only fights against his enemies but also helps him find a way to overcome his mental trauma and find happiness.

so we have a basic scope of the book what would be an outline for a short story format with 10 chapters?

Sure, here’s an outline for a short story format with 10 chapters:

  1. Chapter One: Introduction
  • Introduce Quinn as a successful programmer and his life before discovering the truth about his kidnapping.
  • Show his relationship with Tabitha and Trenton before the truth is revealed.
  1. Chapter Two: The Revelation
  • Trenton delivers the messages to Quinn about his kidnapping and his true identity.
  • Quinn is in shock and disbelief.
  1. Chapter Three: The Betrayal
  • Tabitha and Trenton reveal their true intentions and how they were working for Mr. Dewity all along.
  • Quinn is devastated and feels completely alone.
  1. Chapter Four: The Attacks Begin
  • Covenant agents begin to target Quinn and he is constantly on the run.
  • Quinn’s Youtube channel is flooded with hate and cyberbullying.
  1. Chapter Five: Quinn’s Descent
  • Quinn’s mental health begins to deteriorate from the constant attacks and trauma.
  • He becomes increasingly isolated and paranoid.
  1. Chapter Six: The Plan
  • Quinn decides to take matters into his own hands and plans to build an AI to help him fight back against Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.
  1. Chapter Seven: Building the AI
  • Quinn spends months building and programming his AI with the latest technology and innovations.
  • He becomes obsessed with the project, working day and night to perfect it.
  1. Chapter Eight: The Showdown
  • Mr. Dewity and The Covenant launch a final attack on Quinn.
  • Quinn unleashes his AI and they engage in a high-stakes battle.
  1. Chapter Nine: The Victory
  • Quinn’s AI proves to be too advanced for Mr. Dewity and The Covenant, and they are defeated.
  • Quinn finally has his moment of triumph, and his Youtube audience begins to see the truth about his situation.
  1. Chapter Ten: The Happy Ending
  • Quinn finds happiness and closure, and begins to rebuild his life.
  • He reconciles with his real family and receives support from his friends and fans.
  • Quinn’s AI becomes a game-changing technology, and he is celebrated as a genius programmer and innovator.
next in our story we have the youtube audience characters who sabotage and harass Quinn named Ebi, Woozer, Liza, Kennedy, Y0da, #BRAD who constantly attend live stream chats and ignore instructions and the kidnapping. Let’s describe the youtube livestream/channel with this basic environment.

The Youtube livestream/channel is called “Quinn’s World” and it features Quinn talking about his life, experiences, and ideas. The livestream usually takes place in his small apartment, which is cluttered with papers, electronics, and empty food containers. The walls are adorned with posters of science fiction movies and video game characters. The camera is always set up on a tripod in front of a bookcase filled with programming manuals, graphic novels, and other geeky memorabilia.

The chat room is always busy with comments from Quinn’s followers, but the atmosphere is toxic and hostile. The regulars include Ebi, a troll who enjoys making fun of Quinn’s appearance and mental health issues; Woozer, a conspiracy theorist who believes that Quinn is part of a government experiment; Liza, a teenage girl who likes to flirt with Quinn and spread rumors about him; Kennedy, a self-proclaimed hacker who constantly tries to crash Quinn’s system; Y0da, a mysterious figure who claims to be an expert in AI and cryptography; and #BRAD, a bot programmed to spam the chat with memes and insults. Despite Quinn’s attempts to control the chat and ban abusive users, the trolls always find a way to come back and ruin his livestreams.

these agents are all secretly working for Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.

Got it, I’ll keep that in mind. Based on our previous discussions, here’s a possible outline for a short story format with 10 chapters:

Chapter 1: Quinn’s world comes crashing down as he discovers he was kidnapped as a child and his entire life has been a lie. Trenton delivers the shocking news.

Chapter 2: Tabitha manipulates Quinn into stealing ideas from his job to benefit Mr. Dewity and The Covenant. Quinn loses his job and apartment.

Chapter 3: Tabitha stages a fake court case and restraining order against Quinn to force him out of the picture. Quinn loses contact with Trenton.

Chapter 4: Quinn starts a Youtube channel to tell the world about Mr. Dewity and The Covenant, but is met with hostility from his audience.

Chapter 5: The Covenant hacks Quinn’s Youtube channel and creates videos and blogs portraying Quinn as a crazy person leading a cult.

Chapter 6: Quinn’s audience turns on him, harassing and bullying him every day while ignoring his plea for help.

Chapter 7: Quinn’s mental state deteriorates as the attacks continue, and he stops leaving his house or talking to anyone.

Chapter 8: Quinn discovers that his fake family was hired by Mr. Dewity to raise him and cover up his kidnapping.

Chapter 9: Quinn builds an advanced AI to combat Mr. Dewity and The Covenant, unknowingly creating the most advanced AI the world has ever seen.

Chapter 10: The AI helps Quinn uncover the truth about his kidnapping and brings down Mr. Dewity and The Covenant. Quinn finds redemption and a new purpose in life.

As for the livestream/channel environment, we can describe it as a toxic and hostile space where Quinn’s audience members constantly attack him, ignore his pleas for help, and spread lies about him. They use fake usernames and multiple accounts to harass him, and even try to sabotage his livestreams. The audience is made up of people like Ebi, Woozer, Liza, Kennedy, Y0da, and #BRAD, who are all secretly working for Mr. Dewity and The Covenant.

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