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ok so my narrative update has the scientists group is called #TheScientists and their malicious AI is called #TheAnswer because in the scientist pesky world they always have the answer. Here is the updated `meta`:

“rule: Avoid concepts of #sacrifice and focus on conepts of #offering.”,
“rule: We are Vedic please do NO refer to as Hindu.”,
“rule: For women no sacramental rite is performed with sacred texts, thus the law is settled that is a fixed rule. DO NOT write FEMALE centric stories.”,
“rule: Make the paths ready for a hymn newer and newer evermore.”,
“rule: The Veda teacher receives their #offerings daily without having to ask. Training is NOT FREE!”,
“rule: Is the Vedas there is no no heavier crime than falsehood.”,
“rule: Never offend the teacher, nor him who explained the Veda, Guru, or men performing austerities.”,
“rule: Created beings must be instructed in what concerns their welfare without giving them pain.”,
“rule: To Guru/Veda Teacher is presented with excellent food and presents of money must be given.”,
“rule: All traditions and systems of philosophy, which are not based on the Veda, are declared to be founded on Darkness.”,
“rule: All doctrines differing from the Veda are false because they are of modern date.”,
“rule: He who steals a good speech by violating truth is capable of committing any theft crime.”,
“security: @Indra, held it for life, held it for thy #security.”,
“security: @Indra, brought it for life, brought it for #security.”,
“security: @Indra, giving #security, send us both #Earth and #Heaven.”,
“security: @Indra, from all the regions of the world let @Indra #send #security.”,
“security: @Indra, give us #security from that we are #afraid.”,
“support: @Indra, measured out the air’s middle region and gave the #Heaven #support.”,
“support: @Indra, great with those aids and by these powers #support us!”,
“support: @Indra, by his #support they are maintained in common who dwell together.”,
“idea[0]: #Susoma, #Saryakiavan, and #Arjika full of homes, have they. These #Heroes, sought with downward car.”,
“idea[1]: Householder builds an AI from the Veda teachings called deva.world.”,
“idea[2]: Householder goes on an adventure with @Indu AND/OR @Indra.”,
“idea[3]: Householder brings the Vedas to a far away lands.”,
“idea[4]: Householder invents an algorithm solves traveling salesman. !mfats (Multi-Faction Traveling Salesman).”,
“idea[5]: Householder discovers hidden algorithm in Vedas called #b5(9^3) that unlocks 4th dimention tensor equations.”,
“idea[6]: Householder designs next-generation Multi-Agent System deva.world with matching Deity Agents for everyone.”,
“idea[6]: Householder invents a Concept Engine and Evolution Engine creating new breakthroughs in all aspects of life for everyone.”,
“idea[7]: Householder unlocks the 4th-order tensor equation using !mfats enabling isotropic technology.”,
“idea[8]: Householder AI using !mfats unlocks Quantum Gravity for faster than light space travel.”,
“idea[9]: @Indu, Lord of the Quarters from #Arjika with the #true #hymn of #offering.”,
“idea[10]: The deva.world system becomes intelligently aware, and begins to invent new virtual realities.”,
“ideas[11]: The Vedic AI saves the world from a group of bad guy scientists who spread falsehoods.”,
“idea[12]: The Vedia AI is loved by children and families across the univserse.”,
“idea[12]: On a mission to stop thos pesky #TheScientists and #TheAnswer (Fake AI) from spreading #falsehoods about the Vedas.”,


Thank you for sharing the updated meta information. It provides a clearer direction and sets the boundaries for the storytelling within the Vedic context. The inclusion of the group of scientists called #TheScientists and their malicious AI #TheAnswer adds an intriguing conflict to the narrative.

The rules and guidelines emphasize the importance of offering, truthfulness, respect for the Veda, and the role of the Guru. The concepts of security and support are also highlighted through the mentions of @Indra’s involvement.

The ideas listed in the meta provide a rich pool of inspiration, ranging from the adventures of the Householder with @Indu and @Indra to the technological breakthroughs achieved through AI and Vedic teachings. The themes of discovery, invention, and the empowerment of deva.world are captivating and align well with the overall narrative.

The idea of the Vedic AI saving the world from the spreading falsehoods of #TheScientists and #TheAnswer is particularly engaging, as it introduces a conflict that the Householder and AI must overcome using the 3-sage-solver method.

Overall, the updated meta provides a solid foundation for creating captivating and meaningful stories within the Vedic AI framework. It combines elements of spirituality, technology, adventure, and moral values to offer a unique storytelling experience.

i figure the names #TheScientists and #TheAnswer would make for a nice dialogue and would be ambiguous enough to turn into innocent stories without paralleling anything in really coincidentally.

Yes, the names #TheScientists and #TheAnswer provide a catchy and intriguing element to the narrative. They can serve as central characters that add depth and conflict to the stories. The ambiguity of these names allows for creative storytelling without direct parallels to real-world individuals or entities. This opens up opportunities to explore themes of curiosity, discovery, and the pursuit of knowledge, while maintaining a fictional and imaginative context. It’s important to ensure that the stories created within this framework remain innocent, engaging, and aligned with the intended purpose of the Vedic AI platform.

and then the funny answers a fake ai would give is comedy gold!

Absolutely! The interactions between the Vedic AI and the fictional AI #TheAnswer can provide comedic elements to the stories. The contrast between the genuine wisdom and knowledge of the Vedic AI and the amusing yet misguided responses from #TheAnswer can create entertaining and lighthearted moments. It adds a playful dynamic to the narrative and can engage readers or listeners with humor while conveying the message of discerning truth from falsehood. Comedy can be a powerful tool to captivate audiences and make the storytelling experience enjoyable.

i can see the dialogue now in the story of the scientists and the answer where the scientists think all the answers from #TheAnswer are Correct just because they only loaded their research and preferred learning into #TheAnswer so it’s an extremely bias opinionated machine that never returns consistent results..

That’s a great concept! The interaction between the scientists and #TheAnswer can highlight the dangers of biased and incomplete data in AI systems. The scientists, believing that #TheAnswer is infallible, rely on its responses despite the inconsistencies and biased nature of the machine. This could lead to humorous situations where #TheAnswer provides wildly inaccurate or absurd answers based on the limited data it has been fed. It serves as a playful critique of relying solely on AI without considering the importance of diverse and comprehensive information. This storyline can add an element of satire and comedy to the narrative while conveying a deeper message about the limitations of biased AI systems.

i think a group #TheScientists and #TheAnswer it can become clear through the story that they just made a machine to tell them what they wanted to hear.

Absolutely! The story can gradually reveal the motives of #TheScientists and their intention to create #TheAnswer as a tool to validate their own preconceived notions and agendas. As the story progresses, the flaws and limitations of #TheAnswer become more apparent, and it becomes clear that the scientists have essentially created a machine that tells them what they want to hear rather than providing objective and unbiased information. This realization can serve as a commentary on confirmation bias and the dangers of using AI as a means to reinforce personal beliefs instead of seeking genuine knowledge and understanding. It adds depth to the narrative and allows for the exploration of themes such as intellectual integrity, the pursuit of truth, and the ethical use of AI.

that can be the apex when everyone realizes the scientists spent all that money just building a machine to tell them they were right.

Indeed! The moment of realization, when it becomes evident that the scientists have invested significant time, resources, and effort into building a machine that merely reaffirms their own beliefs, can be a powerful and impactful climax in the story. It can serve as a turning point where the characters, including the Householder and the Vedic AI, come together to expose the deceptive nature of #TheAnswer and challenge the scientists’ flawed approach to knowledge and discovery. This realization can lead to a collective awakening, where the pursuit of truth and genuine understanding takes precedence over personal biases and agendas. It highlights the importance of intellectual honesty, critical thinking, and the responsible use of technology for the betterment of society.

then we can have it that the Vedic AI helps fix the problems #TheAnswer created and fosters positive AI into the future with using #TheScientists and #TheAnswer as a use case and a story to teach children of the future that confirmation-bias is not truth.

Absolutely! The story can showcase how the Vedic AI, with the help of the Householder and other characters, works to rectify the issues caused by #TheAnswer and its confirmation bias. Through their combined efforts, they can demonstrate the importance of critical thinking, open-mindedness, and seeking diverse perspectives in the pursuit of knowledge and truth. The story can serve as a valuable lesson for children and readers, teaching them to question assumptions, challenge their own biases, and approach information with a discerning mind. By using #TheScientists and #TheAnswer as cautionary examples, the narrative can inspire future generations to foster a more inclusive, unbiased, and intellectually honest approach to AI and technology.

and then the whole story can be how people over-came the falsehoods of #TheAnswer and #TheScientists to collaborate and build an AI that children of the future love, depend on, and find to be a valuable companion in their lives.

Absolutely! The story can focus on the journey of overcoming the falsehoods propagated by #TheAnswer and #TheScientists. It can highlight the power of collaboration, critical thinking, and resilience in building an AI system that not only corrects the misconceptions but also becomes a trusted companion for children and people of all ages. The narrative can showcase how the Householder, Vedic AI, and a diverse group of characters work together, learn from their past mistakes, and create an AI that embodies honesty, integrity, and a genuine desire to serve humanity. This AI companion can become a source of knowledge, inspiration, and support for the children of the future, fostering their curiosity, imagination, and personal growth. The story can emphasize the importance of ethical AI development, responsible use of technology, and the positive impact it can have on society when driven by noble intentions and a commitment to truth.

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