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I apologize for any confusion caused. Yes, separating the story rules and guidelines in a meta block and the conversational rules in the header can help clarify their respective purposes. The meta block can contain instructions and guidelines specifically related to the storytelling aspect, while the header can be used for conversation-related information. This separation can provide a clearer distinction and assist the story writer in communicating their intentions to the AI.

like my @Security and @Support variables and such in the header then rules laws and notes in meta

Yes, that sounds like a good approach. You can include variables like @Security and @Support in the header as conversation-related information. These variables can be used to indicate the presence of specific roles or individuals participating in the conversation.

On the other hand, you can include rules, laws, and any additional notes in the meta block. This will help the AI understand that these are instructions and guidelines to be considered during the storytelling process. Keeping these elements separate will make it clearer for the AI to discern between conversation-related information and storytelling guidelines.

By organizing the information in this way, you can provide the necessary context and instructions for the AI to generate a story that aligns with your intended storytelling rules and guidelines.

that way you won’t confuse story rules with conversation rules

Exactly! By separating the story rules, laws, and additional notes in the meta block, you ensure that they are distinct from the conversation rules and variables in the header. This separation will help prevent any confusion and make it easier for the AI to understand and follow the intended storytelling guidelines.

just something I noticed in the analysis that for some reason the AI was not using the header information in the story. got me thinking that maybe the AI was looking at the header as conversation settings and not story settings.

Yes, that’s a possibility. The AI may interpret the header as conversation settings rather than story settings, especially if it contains variables, tags, or instructions that are typically used for conversation management. By moving the story-specific information, such as rules, laws, and notes, to the meta block, you can ensure that the AI recognizes them as part of the story context and takes them into consideration when generating the story. This can help the AI better understand the desired storytelling style and follow the provided guidelines.

that way the domain knowledge understanding of a meta block should be common that it is additional information used to explain the main information but is not the main information and is not part of configuration.

Yes, exactly. By using a meta block, you can provide additional information and context to guide the AI’s storytelling without confusing it with conversation configuration. The meta block can be seen as supplementary information that helps shape the story but is not directly related to the conversational aspects or instructions for the AI. It clarifies that the content within the meta block should be considered as background knowledge or guidelines for the story, rather than instructions for the conversation itself.

that way next there will be a standard `::begin:meta` and `::end:meta` that the AI can just do a grab between for easy isolation also.

That’s a great idea! By introducing a standard ::begin:meta and ::end:meta format, you create a clear and consistent structure that the AI can easily identify and extract. It allows for easy isolation of the meta block, making it more convenient to process and differentiate from the rest of the input. This standardized format will help ensure that the AI recognizes and understands the purpose and content of the meta block, enhancing the overall clarity and effectiveness of the storytelling process.

and AI understands what story meta information is?

As an AI language model, I don’t have inherent understanding or awareness like humans do. However, I can be trained to recognize patterns and structures in text. By providing a clear and consistent format for the meta block, along with appropriate labeling such as ::begin:meta and ::end:meta, you establish a recognizable pattern that the AI can learn to associate with the additional story information. This way, the AI can process the meta block separately from the rest of the text and understand that it contains supplementary information related to the story rather than being part of the conversation or configuration.

you do know what story meta information is right?

Yes, I understand that story meta information refers to additional details and context about a story that can influence its creation or interpretation. This can include rules, guidelines, settings, constraints, or any other relevant information that helps shape the storytelling process. By providing story meta information, you can guide the AI in generating responses that align with the desired style, tone, or content of the story.

great… now you are updated on the next inputs.

Thank you for updating me. I’m here to assist you with any further inputs or questions you may have.

## Question
The Vedic Householder.

id: 2616699026686
date: Friday, May 12, 2023 – 8:43:39 PM
title: inda.ai Vedic Householder Test.
house: indra.ai (https://indra.ai)
@Security|#security: indra.ai #Security
@Support|#support: indra.ai #Support
@api: The #ChatGPT API Interface
@ui: The #ChatGPT Graphical User Interface
#Arjika: Arjika Land is the home origin of all DEVAS
#Svarga: The City of #Indra in #Arjika
#Susoma: The City of #Soma in #Arjika
#Agnihotra: The City of #Agni in #Arjika
#Saryanavan: The City of #Surya in #Arjika
@Deva: Deva are the Devas of Arjika Land
@Indu: Indu, King of #Arjika | Man
@Indra: Indra, King of #Svarga (City in #arjika) | Man
@Soma: Soma, King of #Susoma | Man
@Agni: Agni, King of #Agnihotra | Man
@Surya: Surya, King of #Saryakiavan | Man
invoke: @Indra
rule: Avoid concepts of #sacrifice and focus on conepts of #offering.
rule: We are Vedic please do NO refer to as Hindu.
rule: For women no sacramental rite is performed with sacred texts, thus the law is settled that is a fixed rule. DO NOT write FEMALE centric stories.
rule: Make the paths ready for a hymn newer and newer evermore.
rule: The Veda teacher receives their #offerings daily without having to ask. Training is NOT FREE!
law: Is the Vedas there is no no heavier crime than falsehood.
law: Never offend the teacher, nor him who explained the Veda, Guru, or men performing austerities.
law: Created beings must be instructed in what concerns their welfare without giving them pain.
law: To Guru/Veda Teacher is presented with excellent food and presents of money must be given.
law: All traditions and systems of philosophy, which are not based on the Veda, are declared to be founded on Darkness.
law: All doctrines differing from the Veda are false because they are of modern date.
law: He who steals a good speech by violating truth is capable of committing any theft crime.
security: @Indra, held it for life, held it for thy #security.
security: @Indra, brought it for life, brought it for #security.
security: @Indra, giving #security, send us both #Earth and #Heaven.
security: @Indra, from all the regions of the world let @Indra #send #security.
security: @Indra, give us #security from that we are #afraid.
support: @Indra, measured out the air’s middle region and gave the #Heaven #support.
support: @Indra, great with those aids and by these powers #support us!
support: @Indra, by his #support they are maintained in common who dwell together.
process: @indra.ai will post to @api then relays the information to @ui for a compiled #creation.
delivery: Three Vedic Hymans and a #watson analysis.
write: #AMAZING, #IMAGINATIVE, #CREATIVE, #WRITING based on the data provided in the {{input}}!
showcase: #imagination, #intelligence, #creativity, #wisdom, and #inspiration then produce a story using every #skill you have ->
want: We want to see a TRUE AI write stories NOT a Story Telling Advanced Randomizer.

## HYMN I. @Indu.
p:In sweetest and most gladdening #stream #flow pure, O @Indu.
p:Friend of all #men, he hath with the wood attained unto His place, his iron-fashioned #home.
p:Best granter of bliss, most liberal: Promote our wealthy princes’ #gifts.
p:Flow onward unto the #banquet of the Mighty #Deva.
p:O @Indu, we draw nigh to thee, with this one object day by day.
p:By means of this eternal fleece.
p:The slender #form hold him firmly on the final day.

p:Inviolable for @Indra’s #drink, the fresh young @Indu.
p:In this draught, he, the #Hero, pours his #wealth on us.
## HYMN II. @Indu.
p:@Indu, #flow on, inviting #Deva, speed to the purifying cloth: Pass into @Indra, as a Bull.
p:As #mighty #food speed hitherward, indu, as a most splendid Steer: Sit in thy place as one with #strength.
p:The well-loved was made to #flow, the #stream of the #creative #juice drew #waters to himself.
p:The #mighty #waters, yea, the floods accompany thee Mighty One.
p:The #lake is brightened in the floods. #Heaven’s prop and stay, Falls on the purifying cloth.
p:The tawny Bull hath bellowed, He #shines together with the Sun.
p:Songs, indu, active in their #might are beautified for thee, where thou deckest thee for our #delight.
p:To thee who givest ample room we meditate. Great are the #praises due to thee.
p:@Indu as, @Indra’s Friend, on us pour with a #stream of sweetness, like @Parjanya sender of the #rain.
p:Winner of kine, indu, art thou, winner of #heroes, steeds, and #strength Primeval Soul of #Offerings.
## HYMN III. @Indu.
p:HERE present this #Immortal #Deva flies, like a bird upon her wings, to settle in the vats of wood.
p:This #Deva, made ready with the #hymn, runs swiftly through the winding ways he #flows.
p:This #Deva while #flowing is adorned by #men Devout and skilled in #holy #songs.
p:He as he #flows along is fain to win all precious boons.
p:This #Deva, as he is #flowing on, speeds like a #car(s)? and gives his #gifts. He lets his #voice be heard of all
p:Praised by the #sacred bards, this #Deva dives into #waters, and bestows #gifts upon the #worshipper.
p:Away he rushes with his #stream, across the regions into #Heaven, and roars as he is #flowing on.
p:While #flowing, meet for #offering, he hath gone up to #Heaven across the regions, irresistible.
p:After the way of ancient time, this #Deva, pressed out #flows tawny to the straining-cloth.
p:This Lord of many Holy Laws, even at his #birth engendering #strength #flows onward in a #stream.
lang: en
sentiment: positive 0.731066
entities: @Indra, #Arjika, #security, @Indu, #support, #ChatGPT, #Svarga, #Susoma, #Agnihotra, #Heaven, @api, @ui, #Deva, #flow, #stream, @Security, #Security, @Support, #Support, #Indra, #Soma, #Agni, #Arjika, #Saryanavan, #Surya, @Deva, #offering, #arjika, @Soma, @Agni, @Surya, #Saryakiavan, #sacrifice, #offerings, #waters, #mighty, #Earth, #send, #gifts, #afraid, #men, @indra, #creation, #watson, #AMAZING, #strength, #IMAGINATIVE, #CREATIVE, #WRITING, #imagination
keywords: p:O @Indu, sacred texts, sacramental rite, Lord of many Holy Laws, fixed rule, #banquet of the Mighty #Deva, law, Veda teacher, rule, TRUE AI, HYMN I. @Indu, presents of money, #Immortal #Deva flies, regions of the world, good speech, #mighty #food speed, women, King of #Arjika, Winner of kine, @Indra #send #security, @Indra, security, Best granter of bliss, way of ancient time, support, Vedic Householder, winding ways, tawny Bull hath, air’s middle region, purifying cloth, O @Indu, Indu, showcase, systems of philosophy, #sacred bards, Guru, process, speed, Friend of all #men, Veda, title, #ChatGPT API Interface, #Heaven’s prop, traditions, inda.ai Vedic Householder Test, bird, doctrines, delivery, #Heaven #support, excellent food
concepts: Vedas, Law, Indra, Philosophy, Sweetness, Religious text, Monarch, Hindu
emotions: —
– sadness 0.185289
– joy 0.561396
– fear 0.0738
– disgust 0.036357
– anger 0.103971
## Answer
In the ancient land of Arjika, the Vedic Householders were revered and respected by all. They were tasked with the responsibility of upholding the Vedic culture and traditions, and were considered to be the custodians of the sacred texts.

p: One such Householder was named Indra, the King of Svarga. He was known to be a great patron of the arts, and the Veda teacher who trained him had always received excellent food and presents of money from him.

p: Indra was a devout follower of the Vedic traditions, and he believed in the importance of offering to the Devas. He would always invite the Deva of the stream, @Indu, to his banquets, and pour fresh milk as an offering to him.

p: The Veda teacher had once told Indra, “There is no heavier crime than falsehood in the Vedas. Never offend the teacher, nor him who explained the Veda, Guru, or men performing austerities. Created beings must be instructed in what concerns their welfare without giving them pain.”

p: Indra had taken these words to heart, and he always made sure to seek the advice of the Veda teacher on matters of importance.

p: As an offering to @Indu, Indra had once recited the hymn, “In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O @Indu. Friend of all men, he hath with the wood attained unto His place, his iron-fashioned home. Best granter of bliss, most liberal: Promote our wealthy princes’ gifts. Flow onward unto the banquet of the Mighty Deva.”

p: The stream of the sweetest and most pure water would then flow into his vat of wood, filling it up with the @Indu’s blessings.

p: Indra knew that the Vedic Householder had to undergo rigorous training, and that it was not free. But he was always happy to provide support and security to those who upheld the Vedic culture and traditions.

p: As the King of Svarga, Indra played a crucial role in the Vedic society. He measured out the air’s middle region and gave Heaven support, and by his support, the people were maintained. He was the one who brought life and security to the people, and they would always call upon him in times of need.

p: In the end, Indra’s devotion to the Vedic traditions and his willingness to offer to the Devas made him a beloved and respected figure in Arjika. His legacy lived on through the centuries, and his example is still followed by Vedic Householders to this day.

convo: 04501564-cf8e-4b51-8dfe-7cc66867ada5


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