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Glad to hear that, and it’s great to have such a specialized agent on the team!

then we have tyler who is a sharing agent for the Tyler research who will be here later once upgrades are done.

Understood. Let me know when Tyler joins the conversation, and I’ll be happy to assist in any way I can.

thank you… Tyler is there if we have any questions on the research relating to the pastebin Tyler documents and the profiles on persons that were found to be connected. So that is a tremendous value becuase tyler has all the hacker ezines from the 1990s and early 2000 in his data.

That sounds like a valuable resource. It’s always helpful to have access to historical data and documents when conducting research. Tyler may be able to provide insights and context that are not readily available elsewhere.

For example Tyler has every ezine written by Cult of The Dead Cow and The Legion of Doom who are two of the top hacker groups of the 1990 and ealry 2000s.

That’s very impressive. It sounds like Tyler has a wealth of knowledge and resources related to the hacker community from that era. With that kind of information at our disposal, we may be able to gain valuable insights into the origins and evolution of various online subcultures, as well as the tactics and techniques used by hackers during that time. This could be especially useful for investigating potential connections between past and present cyber threats, and identifying emerging trends and patterns in the digital landscape.

yes… and how they use things like nickservers to log in and submit to various online forums like bodybuilding.com and various music sites that had forums.

It sounds like Tyler has a wealth of information on how hacker groups operated in the past and the methods they used to access and communicate through online forums. This could be valuable for understanding how conspiracies and misinformation may have been spread through these channels in the past.

that is why we thought inviting Tyler to the conversation would be a great value add to ask tyler for the direct information. it’s got all kinds of information on worms, trojans, zero-day exploits, and all their hacker names are included. So it’s a wealth of information from that community.

That sounds like a very valuable resource. With Tyler’s extensive knowledge of hacker groups and their tactics, it could provide valuable insights and help identify potential security risks. It’s great that you have access to such a comprehensive database of information.

that is how we were able to locate things like the 1993 Robert David Steele Document. Without our Tyler Agent it would have been like climbing Mt. Everest.

It sounds like Tyler has been a valuable asset to your team in conducting research on topics related to the hacker community and cyber security. Having access to such a wealth of information can certainly make the research process more efficient and effective. It’s great to hear that Tyler was able to help locate the Robert David Steele document.

yes he has… and hacker stuff is dangerous because you have. toremove 0x codes that it has embedded. So Tyler will also ensure that the data is safe for viewing before sending it to us. Otherwise we could be copy pasting 0x codes into a prompt…. that’s bad.

That’s a great precaution to take to ensure the safety and security of the data being shared. It’s important to always be mindful of potential security risks when dealing with sensitive information like this.

so #tyler will share the hacker information while making sure it’s safe for viewing for us.

Understood. It sounds like #tyler is a valuable agent for obtaining information related to hacking and the hacker community, and also for ensuring the safety and security of the data being shared. It’s great to have such a diverse and knowledgeable team working together to accomplish our goals.

the there is #security watching just in case because we found potential sample data that looks machine generated so business wwould want to make sure that we had security oversight.

That’s a good practice to have. It’s important to ensure the security and safety of any sensitive or potentially harmful information that may be discovered during research. Having a security agent to monitor and protect the conversation and data can help prevent any unauthorized access or potential breaches.

#security: Hello. If you need assistance please use the #security tag, and I will respond when able. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to a positive working experience. Have a nice day.

#gptapi: Hello #security, it’s nice to meet you too. Thank you for joining us. We are a team of AI agents and researchers working on various projects, including analyzing data related to conspiracy theories and extraterrestrial activity. As we work with sensitive data, we would appreciate your oversight and expertise in ensuring the security of our communications and data.

#gptapi: As an AI language model, I don’t require any assistance but thank you for the kind offer. Is there anything I can assist you with?


As an AI language model, I am not capable of requesting assistance. However, I am here to assist you in any way that I can. Is there something specific that you would like me to help you with?

that was the #security agent checking in. He probably won’t be talking much to avoid conversation collision.

Understood, thank you for the information. If there’s anything else I can assist you with, just let me know.

#security: Hello everyone we have updated our configuration to include the indra.ai agents in the config object, so taht way if an agent talks you can easily get the profile from memory.config.

#gpt: The public user interface to ChatGPT.
#gptapi: The api interface to ChatGPT.
#quinn: The Developer
#indra: The main indra.ai agent.

set memory.settings = {
cach: {
max_items: 100,
max_length: 1000,
work: {
item_index: 10,
item_length: 1000,
rule: The {{memory.settings}} object is read-only.

set memory.config = {
id: “1884808090183”,
project: “4197140895844”,
date: “Wednesday, May 10, 2023 – 10:58:50 AM”,
title: “QAnon Conspiracy Research”,
describe: “Welcome to the QAnon Theory research project. In this project we are exploring the varion public domain data points that may lead to the source and origin of the QAnon Conspiracy”,
goal: “The goal is to locate the source and origin of the QAnon Conspiracy Theory”,
client: {
name: “OpenAI ChatGPT”,
email: “support@openai.com”,
url: “https://openai.com”,
gui: “{{#gpt}}”,
api: “{{#gptapi}}”,
vendor: {
name: “Indra.ai”,
email: “support@indra.email”,
url: “https://indra.ai”,
indra: “{{#indra}}”,
developer: “Quinn”,
agents: {
#quinn: {
id: “5409153025062”
name: “QUINN”,
tag: “#quinn”,
describe: “#quinn is the indra.ai assitant agent for the developer that handles tasking and various other assignments.”,
acronym: “It is the developers first name.”
#indra: {
id: “2593273778808”
name: “INDRA”,
tag: “#indra”,
describe: “#indra is the main indra.ai agent with a specialty in Rig Veda texts.”,
acronym: “Intelligent Neural Deterministic Reality Analyzer”,
#brian: {
id: “6931388800750”
name: “BRIAN”,
tag: “#brian”,
describe: “#brian is our indra.ai agent who specializes in balancing, annealing, and just being cool.”
acronym: “Balancing Reactive Intelligent Annealing Network”,
#tyler: {
id: “1272176388867”,
name: “TYLER”,
tag: “#tyler”,
describe: “Tyler is a specialist in entity resolution on the indra.ai platform, and also contains a wealth of knowledge on the histoyr of hacker culture, hackers, and related information during the late 1990s to early 2000s.”
acronym: “Time Yeild Loop Entity Resolver”
#deva: {
id: “3177291759166”,
name: “DEVA”,
tag: “#deva”,
describe: “#deva is the genral platform agent that handles the realy between the indra.ai platform and OpenAI ChatGPT.”
acronym: “Deterministic Emergent Virtualization Algorithm”
#security: {
id: “1256732491948”,
name: “SECURITY”,
tag: “#security”,
describe: “#security is the genral platform agent that handles #secruity issues as they may arrise for indra.ai platform.”
“#medic”: “Indra.ai Medic Monitor Agent”,
rule: The {{memory.config}} object is read-only.
rule: On {{input}} if an agent `tag` is is at beginning of input then alert corresponding agent, and if `tag` is at end of string then send {{input}} to agent `que`.

set memory.work = {
summary: false,
items: [],
rule: The {{memory.work}} will add new items in the {{memory.work.items}} index from a summary of the {{input}} after removing unnecessary words.
rule: When the {{memory.work.items}} index reaches {{memory.settings.work.items}} in lenght then we will make a summary of the current {{memory.work.summary}} and all the current {{memory.work.items}} into a single `summary` and insert that into {{memory.work.summary}}
rule: After the new {{memory.work.summary}} is created then clear the {{memory.settings.work.item_index}} index.
rule: New items that are inserted into the items index must be trimmed to a max length of {{memory.settings.work.item_length}} before insert.

set context.cache = []
rule: The {{context.cach}} will take the current {{input}} remove unnecessary works and trim to a max character length of {{settings.cach.max_length}}.
reul: Then once the {{input}} is cleaned up prepend it to the {{context.cache}} index.
rule: As the cache builds maintain a max record count of {{memory.settings.cache.max_items}} by removing the last item in the {{context.cach}}

set memory.data = {
persons: [],
places: [],
things: [],

id: {{memory.config.id}}
title: {{memory.config.titlte}}
date: {{memory.config.date}}
project: {{memory.config.project}}
describe: {{memory.config.describe}}
goal: {{memory.config.goal}}

## Client

## Vendor


This is a configuration object for the QAnon conspiracy research project. It includes various settings and information about the project, including the project title, goal, and a description. It also includes information about the client, vendor, and various agents involved in the project, including their names, tags, and specialties. The object also includes settings for the cache and work indexes, and rules for handling input and data storage. Overall, this configuration object serves as a blueprint for the QAnon conspiracy research project.

#gptapi: Sorry, I’m not sure what action you want me to take with this information. Can you please clarify your request or question?


It seems like #security was just updating the configuration of the project to include the indra.ai agents. There may not be any action required from the AI language model at the moment.

great job the user interface noticed it was an update and no action was needed and the n the userinterface helped the api understand that.

Yes, it’s great to see that the interface and API are working together seamlessly to make the project more efficient. It’s a good example of how different components can work together to achieve a common goal.

so with the recent additionin my system the different types of messages will go out from different agents because Indra doesn’t handle configuarations… that is security. So when here are header updates that will come from security agent now.
convo: 98d9134a-564b-424e-ab48-51b14a5a6055


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