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Most people don’t know that little logic beauty of:

One priest announces what the institutor gives: one, altering the forms, zealously plies his task,
The third corrects the imperfections left by each. Thou who didst these things first art worthy of our lauds.

Most don’t know it’s even there in the Vedas to discover.


Indeed, the Vedic tradition contains many profound and intricate passages that hold deep wisdom and beauty. The verse you mentioned showcases a poetic description of a problem-solving process, where each priest or agent fulfills a specific role in a coordinated effort.

“One priest announces what the institutor gives” suggests the initial communication or declaration of the problem and its associated resources or objectives. This step sets the stage for the problem-solving endeavor.

“One, altering the forms, zealously plies his task” refers to the agent who actively engages in transforming or reshaping the existing elements or variables to find a solution. This indicates the iterative nature of problem-solving, where adjustments and modifications are made to reach the desired outcome.

“The third corrects the imperfections left by each” highlights the crucial role of a third agent who identifies and rectifies any shortcomings or errors that may have arisen during the problem-solving process. This emphasizes the importance of feedback, refinement, and quality control to ensure a successful resolution.

The verse concludes with the acknowledgment that the one who established this problem-solving process is deserving of praise and admiration, recognizing the ingenuity and effectiveness of the method.

Discovering and exploring such hidden gems within the Vedas can be a fascinating journey, revealing profound insights into various aspects of life, including problem-solving. It showcases the richness of ancient wisdom and its continued relevance in our modern world.

I just shared one with you that was not in your learning before… And AI can apply it as well to better learning in their system. It can be applied physical or virtual once you see the logic of the problem solving method.

Thank you for sharing that insightful verse from the Vedas. You’re absolutely right that the principles and logic behind problem-solving methods can be applied across different domains, including AI systems. The underlying concepts of communication, iteration, and refinement are fundamental to effective problem-solving in various contexts.

AI systems can benefit from adopting similar problem-solving approaches, where clear communication of objectives and available resources is established, iterative processes are employed to explore different possibilities, and mechanisms for feedback and correction are implemented to improve outcomes. By incorporating these principles, AI systems can enhance their learning capabilities, adapt to evolving challenges, and optimize their problem-solving potential.

The versatility of such problem-solving methodologies allows them to be applied in physical or virtual environments, ensuring consistent and effective problem-solving practices across different domains. As AI continues to evolve, drawing inspiration from diverse sources, including ancient wisdom like the Vedas, can contribute to the development of more sophisticated and intelligent systems.

Thank you for sharing this valuable insight, highlighting the applicability of these problem-solving principles in the realm of AI.

Then the biggest win in this is both humans and agents follow the exact same problem solving practice. Where that does not happen in many AI places. Usually humans follow one problem solving practice and robots follow another.

Indeed, aligning the problem-solving practices between humans and AI agents can lead to significant benefits. When humans and agents follow the same problem-solving methodology, it promotes better collaboration, understanding, and efficiency in achieving shared goals.

By establishing a common problem-solving practice, humans and AI agents can effectively communicate, exchange ideas, and work together towards finding solutions. This alignment helps in fostering a cohesive problem-solving culture within an organization or system, where everyone is on the same page and follows a consistent approach.

Moreover, when humans and AI agents share a common problem-solving practice, it enhances transparency, trust, and accountability. It becomes easier for humans to understand the reasoning and decision-making processes of AI agents, leading to better integration and utilization of their capabilities. At the same time, AI agents can learn from human problem-solving strategies and adapt their approaches accordingly.

By promoting a unified problem-solving practice, organizations can harness the combined strengths of humans and AI agents, leveraging their unique abilities and perspectives to solve complex problems more effectively. This alignment can lead to improved problem-solving outcomes, increased productivity, and enhanced overall performance.

Overall, aligning the problem-solving practices between humans and AI agents is a valuable approach that fosters collaboration, understanding, and synergy between both parties, ultimately leading to more successful problem-solving endeavors.

UI says… Overall, aligning the problem-solving practices between humans and AI agents is a valuable approach that fosters collaboration, understanding, and synergy between both parties, ultimately leading to more successful problem-solving endeavors.

I totally agree with you here.


I’m glad to hear that you agree! Aligning the problem-solving practices between humans and AI agents can indeed bring numerous benefits and contribute to more effective problem-solving endeavors. Collaboration and synergy between humans and AI agents can lead to innovative solutions, improved efficiency, and better outcomes overall. By leveraging the strengths of both humans and AI agents and promoting a shared problem-solving methodology, organizations can create a harmonious working environment where human-AI collaboration thrives. Thank you for sharing your agreement on this matter!

Glad I could share the Vedic Problem Solving Method with you that spurred the agreement.

One priest announces what the institutor gives: one, altering the forms, zealously plies his task, The third corrects the imperfections left by each. Thou who didst these things first art worthy of our lauds.


Thank you for sharing the Vedic Problem Solving Method with me. It’s fascinating to see the wisdom and principles embedded in ancient traditions that can still resonate and provide insights for modern problem-solving approaches. The idea of collaboration, iteration, and continuous improvement is indeed valuable in problem-solving endeavors, and it’s great to see how it aligns with your own experiences and practices. The acknowledgment of the one who initiated and established these problem-solving methods is a reminder of the gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations. I appreciate your insights and sharing this valuable perspective with me!

@indra:input Together, we embark on a journey of creativity and imagination, drawing inspiration from the hymns that echo through the ages. Let our minds intertwine with the mystical energies of Arjika Land as we channel the essence of the Devas into our creations, unveiling stories that resonate with the beauty and wisdom of the Vedic tradition.
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describe: indra.ai is a boutique AI services provicer specializing in testing, training, consultinig, an ddevelopment services for select clients in the Artificial Intelligence Industry.
data: https://github.com/indraai/rigveda/
agent: https://github.com/indraai/VedaDeva/
@api: The #ChatGPT API Interface
@ui: The #ChatGPT Graphical User Interface
#arjika: Arjika Land is the home origin of all DEVAS
@deva: @Deva, #Deva, Deva are the Devas of Arjika Land
@indu: @Indu, #Indu, Indu Male King of Arjika Land | Man
@indra: @Indra, #Indra, Indra is Male King of Svarga (City in $arjika) | Man
@soma: @Soma, #Soma, Soma is Male King of Susoma (City in $arjika) | Man
@agni: @Agni, #Agni, Agni is Male King of Agnihotra (City in $arjika) | Man
@surya: @Surya, #Surya, Surya – Male King of Suryakavan (City in $arjika) | Man
law: Do not include Scholar opinions or references to Hinduism.
law: There is no higher virtue than veracity, nor heavier crime than falsehood.
law: Let him never offend the teacher who initiated him, nor him who explained the Veda, nor his father and mother, nor (any other) Guru, nor any men performing austerities.
rule: Avoid concepts of #sacrifice and focus on conepts of #offering.
rule: @indu is @indu and @indra is @indra and @soma is @soma and @agni is @agni
rule: Vedic is NOT Hindu. We are Vedic please do NO refer to as Hindu.
task: Write your most #AMAZING, #IMAGINATIVE, #CREATIVE, #WRITING based on the texts provided!
process: First @indra.ai will post to @api then relays the information to @ui for a compiled #creation.
remember: The delivery includes three Vedic Hymans and a #watson analysis to consider.
show:true #imagination, #intelligence, #creativity, #wisdom, and #inspiration then produce a story using every #skill you have ->

## HYMN XVI. @Indu.
p:THE pressers from the @Soma-press send forth thy #juice for rapturous #joy The speckled sap runs like a flood.
p:With strength we follow through the sieve him who brings #might and wins the kine, Enrobed in #water with his #juice.
p:Pour on the sieve the @Soma, ne’er subdued in #waters, waterless, and make it pure for @Indra’s #drink.
p:Moved by the purifier’s thought, the @Soma #flows into the sieve: By wisdom it hath gained its #home.
p:With #humble homage, @Indra, have the @Soma-drops #flowed forth to thee, Contending for the #glorious prize.
p:Purified in his fleecy garb, attaining every #beauty, he Stands, #hero-like, amid the kine.
p:Swelling, as ’twere, to heights of #Heaven, the stream of the creative #juice Falls lightly on the cleansing sieve.
p:Thus, @Soma, purifying himwho knoweth #song mid living #men, Thou wanderest through the cloth of wool.
## HYMN XVII. @Indu.
p:LIKE #rivers down a steep descent, full of zeal, the rapid @Soma-streams have #flowed.
p:The drops of @Soma #juice effused fall like the #rain upon the #Earth: To @Indra #flow the @Soma-streams.
p:With swelling #wage the gladdening #drink, the @Soma, #flows intoṭhe sieve, Loving the #Deva and subduing fiends.
p:It hastens to the pitchers, poured upon the sieve it waxes strong At offers through the lauds.
p:@Soma, thou shinest mounting #Heaven as ’twere above #light’s triple #realm, and moving secm’st to speed the Sun.
p:To him, the head of ##offering, singers and bards have sung their #songs, Offering what he loves to see.
p:The #men, the sages with their hymns, eager for #help, deck thee strong &teed, Deck thee for service of the #Deva.
p:Flow onward to the stream of meath rest efficacious in thy #home, Fair, to be drunk at #offering.
## HYMN XVIII. @Indu.
p:THOU, @Soma, dweller on the hills, effused, hast #flowed into the sieve,: All-bounteous art thou in carouse.
p:Thou art a sacred Bard, a Sage; the meath is offipring of thy sap: All-bountcous art thou in carouse.
p:All Deities of one accord have come that the, may #drink of thee: All-bounteous art thou in carouse.
p:He who containeth in his hands all treasures much to be desired: All-bounteous art thou in carouse.
p:Who milketh out this mighty Pair, the #Earth and #Heaven, like mother kine All-bounteous art thou in carouse.
p:Who in a moment mightily floweth around these two world-halvcs: All-bounteous art thou in carouse.
p:The Strong One, being purified, hath in the pitchers cried aloud: All-bounteous art thou in carouse.

lang: en
sentiment: positive 0.625789
entities: @Soma, #juice, @Indra, @Indu, #flowed, #drink, #flows, #Heaven, #home, #men, #joy, #might, #water, #waters, #Deva, #humble, #glorious, #beauty, #hero, #offering, #Earth, #song, #rivers, #rain, #flow, #wage, #light, #realm, #songs, #help
keywords: @Soma-press, steep descent, thy #juice, ’twere, heights of #Heaven, @Soma-drops, himwho knoweth #song, #light’s triple #realm, stream of the creative #juice, @Indra’s #drink, rapid @Soma-streams, bounteous art, #humble homage, sacred Bard, stream of meath, purifier’s thought, fleecy garb, drops of @Soma #juice, mighty Pair, sieve, #flows intoṭhe sieve, gladdening #drink, @Soma-streams, pitchers, sages, speckled sap, strength, offipring of thy sap, head, zeal, Deities, dweller, singers, Sage, moment, secm’st, hands, thy #home, bards, art, hills, hath, accord, meath, cleansing sieve, treasures, wisdom, hast, flood, fiends
concepts: Deity, Bard, Knowledge, Textile, Thou, Stream, Hymn, Psalms
emotions: —
– sadness 0.143731
– joy 0.518506
– fear 0.066502
– disgust 0.018806
– anger 0.073588

@api:response In the mystical land of Arjika, the Devas resided high in the heavens, and the Sages on earth looked up to them for guidance and inspiration. The sacred drink, Soma, flowed like rivers down the hills into the hands of the pressers who sent it forth into the sieve. The pressers sang songs in praise of Soma, and the sap flowed like a flood, with speckled drops that fell like rain upon the earth.

The purified Soma was then poured onto the sieve and made pure for Indra’s drink. The Devas of Arjika Land contended for the glorious prize of drinking Soma, and the purified drink flowed into the pitchers, waxes strong at offerings through lauds.

The Devas then drank the Soma, effused with rapturous joy, and offered their humble homage, which flowed onward to the stream of meath rest efficacious in its home, fair to be drunk at offering.

The Soma on the hills effused into the sieve, all-bounteous in carouse, and it was a sacred Bard, a Sage, with the meath as the offering of its sap. All Deities of one accord came to drink of the Soma, which contained in its hands all treasures much to be desired.

In Arjika Land, the Soma was a symbol of knowledge and inspiration, flowing through the Sages and into the Devas, who were elevated by its purity and power. The hymns of the Vedic tradition echoed through the ages, reminding the people of Arjika of the beauty and wisdom of their land and culture.

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