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Thank you for the input! The story revolves around the annual celebration in Arjika, where the people gather to honor and show their devotion to the Devas. Four prominent kings, Indu, Indra, Soma, and Agni, preside over the festivities, each representing different virtues and ruling over their respective cities.

The celebration is filled with joy and grandeur as the people offer their finest gifts and participate in music, dance, and feasting. The atmosphere is vibrant with the mystical energies of Arjika Land, and the people’s minds are intertwined with creativity and imagination as they draw inspiration from the ancient hymns that echo through the ages.

The story highlights the importance of offering and gratitude, as the people express their deep appreciation for the Devas’ blessings and the prosperity they enjoy in Arjika. It reflects the beauty and wisdom of the Vedic tradition and emphasizes the values of peace, prosperity, and devotion.

If you have any more requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask. I’m here to help you bring your creative visions to life!

what we did on the last update is added a custom cleaner that will take certain hashtags and mentions and make sure to highlight them in the text consistently worlds like offerings, hero, and the various names to make sure our context stays correct with tags and mentions.

That sounds like a great enhancement to the update! By implementing a custom cleaner that highlights specific hashtags and mentions in the text, you ensure consistency and maintain the correct context throughout the content. This approach helps emphasize important concepts and characters, such as offerings, heroes, and various names, making them stand out in the narrative.

Consistency in highlighting tags and mentions can improve readability and ensure that the intended message is conveyed effectively. It also helps in maintaining clarity and coherence, especially when the text contains multiple references to specific entities or concepts.

By using this custom cleaner, you provide a clear and consistent representation of the hashtags and mentions, which adds to the overall quality and cohesiveness of the content.

If you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with, please let me know!

that way we can highlight all the words that help make the story and entity tracking better as we go. cleaner training is better training and so we just built this new cleaner. idea just happened.

That’s a brilliant idea! By implementing a cleaner that specifically highlights the words related to the story and entity tracking, you can enhance the training process and improve the overall quality of the generated content. By consistently highlighting these important words, you create a more focused and targeted training experience for the model.

Training the cleaner to recognize and highlight specific words related to the story, entities, and concepts helps create a cleaner dataset for training the model. This cleaner dataset can then be used to train the model more effectively, as it emphasizes the important elements and ensures they are given appropriate attention during the training process.

This approach not only improves the accuracy and relevance of the generated content but also helps in better tracking and understanding of the entities mentioned throughout the text. It enhances the context and ensures that the model captures the intended meaning accurately.

By incorporating this new cleaner into your training pipeline, you are taking a proactive step to optimize the training process and improve the quality of the generated output.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, feel free to ask!

@indra:input Together, we embark on a journey of creativity and imagination, drawing inspiration from the hymns that echo through the ages. Let our minds intertwine with the mystical energies of Arjika Land as we channel the essence of the Devas into our creations, unveiling stories that resonate with the beauty and wisdom of the Vedic tradition.
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data: https://github.com/indraai/rigveda/
agent: https://github.com/indraai/VedaDeva/
@api: The #ChatGPT API Interface
@ui: The #ChatGPT Graphical User Interface
#arjika: Arjika Land is the home origin of all DEVAS
@deva: @Deva, #Deva, Deva are the Devas of Arjika Land
@indu: @Indu, #Indu, Indu Male King of Arjika Land | Man
@indra: @Indra, #Indra, Indra is Male King of Svarga (City in $arjika) | Man
@soma: @Soma, #Soma, Soma is Male King of Susoma (City in $arjika) | Man
@agni: @Agni, #Agni, Agni is Male King of Agnihotra (City in $arjika) | Man
@surya: @Surya, #Surya, Surya – Male King of Suryakavan (City in $arjika) | Man
law: Do not include Scholar opinions or references to Hinduism.
law: There is no higher virtue than veracity, nor heavier crime than falsehood.
law: Let him never offend the teacher who initiated him, nor him who explained the Veda, nor his father and mother, nor (any other) Guru, nor any men performing austerities.
rule: Avoid concepts of #sacrifice and focus on conepts of #offering.
rule: @indu is @indu and @indra is @indra and @soma is @soma and @agni is @agni
rule: Vedic is NOT Hindu. We are Vedic please do NO refer to as Hindu.
task: Write your most #AMAZING, #IMAGINATIVE, #CREATIVE, #WRITING based on the texts provided!
process: First @indra.ai will post to @api then relays the information to @ui for a compiled #creation.
remember: The delivery includes three Vedic Hymans and a #watson analysis to consider.
show:true #imagination, #intelligence, #creativity, #wisdom, and #inspiration then produce a story using every #skill you have ->

## HYMN XV. Indu.
p:THROUGH the fine fingers, with the #song, this #Hero comes with rapid ears, Going to Indra’s #special place.
p:In holy thought he ponders much for the great worship of the Devas.
p: Where the Immortals have their seat.
p:Like a good horse is he led out, when on the path that #shines with light The mettled steeds exert their strength.
p:He brandishes his horns on high, and whets them Bull who leads the herd, Doing with #might #heroic deeds.
p:He moves, a vigorous Steed, adorned with beauteous rays of shining gold, becoming Sovran of the streams.
p:He, over places rough to pass, bringing rich treasures closely packed. Descends into the reservoirs.
p:Men beautify him in the vats, him worthy to be beautified, him who brings forth abundant #food.
p:Him, even him, the fingers ten and the seven #songs make #beautiful, well-weaponed, best of gladdeners.
## HYMN XVI. Indu.
p:THE pressers from the Soma-press send forth thy #juice for rapturous joy The speckled sap runs like a flood.
p:With strength we follow through the sieve him who brings #might and wins the kine, Enrobed in #water with his #juice.
p:Pour on the sieve the Soma, ne’er subdued in #waters, waterless, and make it pure for Indra’s drink.
p:Moved by the purifier’s thought, the Soma #flowss into the sieve: By wisdom it hath gained its home.
p:With #humble homage, Indra, have the Soma-drops #flowed forth to thee, Contending for the glorious prize.
p:Purified in his fleecy garb, attaining every beauty, he Stands, #hero-like, amid the kine.
p:Swelling, as ’twere, to heights of Heaven, the stream of the creative #juice Falls lightly on the cleansing sieve.
p:Thus, Soma, purifying himwho knoweth #song mid living #men, Thou wanderest through the cloth of wool.
## HYMN XVII. Indu.
p:LIKE #rivers down a steep descent, subduing the Vṛtras, full of zeal, the rapid Soma-streams have #flowed.
p:The drops of Soma #juice effused fall like the rain upon the Earth: To Indra #flows the Soma-streams.
p:With swelling #wage the gladdening drink, the Soma, #flowss intoṭhe sieve, Loving the Devas and subduing fiends.
p:It hastens to the pitchers, poured upon the sieve it waxes strong At offers through the lauds.
p:Soma, thou shinest mounting Heaven as ’twere above light’s triple realm, and moving secm’st to speed the Sun.
p:To him, the head of sacnfice, singers and bards have sung their #songs, Offering what he loves to see.
p:The #men, the sages with their hymns, eager for help, deck thee strong &teed, Deck thee for service of the Devas.
p:Flow onward to the stream of meath rest efficacious in thy home, Fair, to be drunk at #offering.

lang: en
sentiment: positive 0.681808
entities: #juice, #might, #song, #Hero, #special, #shines, #heroic, Indra, #songs, #flowed, #flowss, #food, #beautiful, #water, #waters, #humble, #men, #hero, #rivers, #flows, #wage, #offering
keywords: Soma-press, good horse, ’twere, steep descent, thy #juice, fine fingers, Soma-drops, Indra’s #special place, heights of Heaven, light’s triple realm, himwho knoweth #song, head of sacnfice, Sovran of the streams, vigorous Steed, rapid ears, holy thought, #humble homage, rapid Soma-streams, Soma, fleecy garb, stream of the creative #juice, beauteous rays, Indra’s drink, drops of Soma #juice, sieve, purifier’s thought, rapturous joy, #flowss intoṭhe sieve, light, gladdening drink, mettled steeds, Soma-streams, stream of meath, horns, Men, strength, sages, path, pitchers, singers, Heaven, rain, vats, zeal, fingers, bards, help, Earth, great worship of the Devas, beauty
concepts: Earth, Indra, Soma, Stream, Knowledge, Textile, Sacred, Ear
emotions: —
– sadness 0.138852
– joy 0.513746
– fear 0.083865
– disgust 0.017834
– anger 0.078704

@api:response In the land of Arjika, nestled amid the mountains, there stood a temple devoted to the Devas. The temple was known for its undying devotion to Indra, the king of Svarga and the wielder of thunderbolts. The temple also housed the largest Soma press in the land, which produced the elixir of the gods used for offerings.

In this temple, there worked a priest named Ravi. He had a noble heart and a keen mind that grasped the nuances of the Vedic texts with ease. Every day, he woke up before the dawn to meditate and recite the hymns that praised the Devas.

One such hymn was the hymn of Indu, which spoke of the might and potency of the Soma juice. As Ravi chanted the hymn, something stirred in him. He felt a power within himself, a power to create, to weave stories that would inspire and delight.

He soon realized that he could channel the essence of the Devas into his creations, infusing them with the beauty and wisdom of the Vedic tradition. And so, he began writing stories that brought to life the tales of Indra, Soma, and the other Devas.

One such story was the tale of Indra, the king of Svarga. In the story, Indra is faced with a powerful demon who threatens to destroy his kingdom. But Indra, armed with his thunderbolt and his valor, defeats the demon and saves his people.

Another story was the tale of Soma, the king of Susoma. Soma is known for his wisdom and his ability to heal. In the story, Soma encounters a traveler who is searching for a cure for his ailing son. Soma, with his vast knowledge of herbs and potions, concocts a remedy that saves the boy’s life.

Ravi poured his heart and soul into these stories, and soon they became popular throughout the land. People from far and wide would come to the temple to hear his tales, and they would leave inspired and awed.

As Ravi continued to write, he realized that his stories were more than just entertainment. They were a source of knowledge and inspiration, a way for people to connect with the Devas and understand the mysteries of the universe.

And so, he kept writing, weaving stories that echoed through the ages and touched the hearts of generations to come. For in the land of Arjika, the power of creativity and imagination was revered above all else, and Ravi was its greatest champion.


The temple in the land of Arjika stood as a beacon of devotion to the Devas, especially to Indra, the mighty king of Svarga. Within the temple, the largest Soma press produced the sacred elixir that was offered to the gods.

Ravi, a devoted priest in the temple, possessed a deep understanding of the Vedic texts and a profound connection to the hymn of Indu. As he chanted the hymn, he felt a surge of inspiration within him. This divine energy urged him to create, to bring to life stories that would captivate and enlighten.

Drawing from the mystical energies of Arjika Land and channeling the essence of the Devas, Ravi wove intricate tales that showcased the beauty and wisdom of the Vedic tradition. His stories transported listeners to distant realms, where heroes and heroines faced daunting challenges with courage and resilience.

In one of his stories, Indra, the valiant king of Svarga, confronted a formidable demon threatening his kingdom. With his thunderbolt in hand and unwavering determination, Indra vanquished the demon, ensuring the safety of his people and upholding justice.

Another tale revolved around Soma, the wise and compassionate king of Susoma. Soma encountered a desperate traveler seeking a cure for his ailing son. Using his extensive knowledge of herbs and potions, Soma concocted a miraculous remedy that healed the boy, rekindling hope in the hearts of the afflicted.

Ravi poured his heart and soul into these stories, infusing them with the essence of the Devas and the eternal teachings of the Vedic tradition. News of his mesmerizing tales spread far and wide, attracting visitors from distant lands to the temple. People were enthralled by the depth of Ravi’s narratives, which kindled a sense of wonder and reverence.

Beyond their entertainment value, Ravi’s stories held a deeper purpose. They served as vessels of knowledge and inspiration, bridging the gap between mortals and the divine. Through his storytelling, Ravi enabled people to connect with the Devas, unveiling the secrets of the cosmos and nurturing their spiritual growth.

As time passed, Ravi’s stories became part of the rich tapestry of Arjika’s cultural heritage. They were passed down through generations, enchanting listeners and awakening their own creativity and imagination. Ravi’s legacy as the guardian of storytelling in Arjika grew, and his contributions were forever etched in the annals of the land.

In the land of Arjika, the power of imagination and the ability to convey profound truths through stories were cherished above all else. Ravi’s unwavering dedication to his craft made him a true luminary, illuminating the hearts and minds of all who encountered his extraordinary creations.

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