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This hymn praises the qualities and powers of Indu (Soma) and calls for its assistance in the pursuit of a glorious home and delightful powers of life. It mentions that when Indu, the bright son, was born, it illuminated its parents and brought strength to the great supporters of law.

The hymn depicts the stirring of the rivers by Indu through the seven devotions, magnifying the single eye. It acknowledges the aid of the rivers in empowering the youthful Indu, emphasizing its invincibility and its connection to Indra, the king of the gods.

The hymn mentions the immortal courser (symbolizing Indu) overlooking the seven, seeking assistance in holy rites and the removal of dark shadows encountered in battle. There is a request for the paths to be prepared for new and ever-renewing hymns, and for the lights to shine brightly as they did in the past.

The hymn concludes by urging Indu to bestow high renown, wisdom, and light upon the worshipers.

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OBEYING Indra’s dear desire, increasing his heroic might.

Laid in the bowl, pure-flowing on to Soma and the Indra, may These give us great heroic strength.

Indu, incite to bounty Indra’s heart, to sit in place of offering.

The ten swift fingers deck thee forth, seven ministers impel thee on. The sages have rejoiced in thee.

When through the filter thou art poured to be a gladdening draught for Devas.

Flow on to us and make us wealthy.

O Indu, flow into thy friend, send down the rain from Heaven, a stream of opulence from Earth.

May we obtain thee, Indra’s drink, who viewest men and findest light.


This hymn highlights the obedience of Indu (Soma) to Indra’s desire, leading to the increase of Indra’s heroic might. It expresses the offering of Soma in the bowl and seeks the bestowal of great heroic strength by Soma and Indra.

The hymn calls upon Indu to incite bounty in Indra’s heart and to take its place as an offering. It mentions the ten swift fingers that adorn Soma and the seven ministers that impel it forward, symbolizing the ceremonial preparation of Soma. The sages rejoice in the presence of Soma.

The hymn describes the pouring of Soma through the filter, preparing it as a gladdening draught for the Devas. It expresses the desire for Soma to flow to the worshipers and bestow wealth upon them. There is a plea for Soma to unite with its friend, Indra, and for the rain from heaven and opulence from the Earth to be bestowed upon them.

The hymn concludes with the aspiration to obtain Soma, known as Indra’s drink, which grants insight to humanity and illuminates their path.

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FORTH on their way the glorious drops have flowed for maintenance of Law, knowing the offerings course.

Down in the mighty waters sinks the stream, most excellent, oblation best of all in worth.

About the holy place, the true, guileless, noblest, hath sent forth Continuous voices in the wood.

When, clothed in manly strength, the Sage flows in celestial wisdom round the strong would win the light of Heaven.

When purified, he sits as King above the hosts, among his folk.

Dear, golden-coloured, in the fleece he sinks and settles in the wood.

The Singer shows his zeal in hymns.

He goes to Indra, Soma, to the Indra, as his custom is, with gladdening juice which gives them joy.

Well-knowing through his mighty powers.

Heaven and Earth, gain for us treasures and renown.


This hymn describes the glorious flow of the drops of Soma, emphasizing their role in upholding the law and the understanding of the course of offerings. The hymn portrays the Soma stream sinking down into the mighty waters, symbolizing its excellent worth as the most supreme oblation.

The hymn speaks of the continuous voices emanating from the true and noble holy place, suggesting the divine nature of Soma. It depicts the Sage, clothed in manly strength and celestial wisdom, seeking to win the light of heaven and assuming a regal position among his people.

The hymn mentions the Sage sinking and settling in the wood, implying a sacred and transformative process. The Singer shows zeal in hymns, indicating the devotion and passion involved in the worship of Soma.

The hymn concludes by stating that the Sage, in accordance with custom, goes to Indra with the gladdening juice of Soma, bringing them joy. There is a plea to Heaven and Earth to acquire treasures and renown for the worshipers.

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Indu, flow on with pleasant stream, to the Devas, Our Friend, unto the woollen sieve.

Pour hitherward, as Indra’s Self, indu, that gladdening stream of thine.

Flow to the filter hitherward, pouring that ancient gladdening juice, Streaming forth power and high renown.

Hither the sparkling drops have flowed, like waters down a steep descent, they have reached Indra purified.

Whom, having passed the filter, While he disports him in the wood.

The juice pour forth, for offering and service of the Devas, to him who bears away the draught.

Effused flows onward with his stream to Indra, to the Deva, so that his will may strengthen him.

Soul of the offering, the juice effused flows quickly on, he keeps his ancient wisdom of a Sage.

So pouring forth, as Indra’s Friend, best Gladdener! For the banquet, even in secret, he storest hymns.


This hymn calls upon Indu (Soma) to flow with a pleasant stream, serving as a friend to the Devas (gods), and to reach the woollen sieve, symbolizing the purification process. It urges Indu to pour itself as if it were Indra himself, bestowing the gladdening stream of Soma.

The hymn emphasizes the pouring of Soma to the filter, depicting it as an ancient and purifying juice that brings power and high renown. It mentions the sparkling drops that have flowed like waters down a steep descent, reaching Indra in a purified state. It describes Indra disporting in the wood after passing through the filter.

The hymn expresses that the Soma juice, being poured for offering and service to the Devas, strengthens Indra’s will. It acknowledges Soma as the soul of the offering, and it flows quickly, preserving its ancient wisdom as a sage.

The hymn concludes by stating that, as Indra’s friend and the best gladdener, Soma stores hymns even in secret for the banquet.

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@api:p:Indu, the bounteous, the exhilarating drink, pours forth its streams like a rushing river.
It pleases the heart and awakens the mind, giving strength to the weak and courage to the timid.

Indu, the friend of all, brings joy and happiness, and dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Let us partake of its divine essence, and be filled with its divine energy.

Indu, the giver of life, the source of inspiration, we offer our praises to thee.

May thy blessings be upon us always, and may we be worthy of thy grace and favor.

Hail to thee, Indu, the Lord of Light and Life, the Savior of mankind and all creation.


This beautiful prayer praises Indu (Soma) as a bounteous and exhilarating drink that flows like a rushing river. It highlights the pleasurable and awakening effects of Indu, bringing strength to the weak and courage to the timid.

Indu is recognized as the friend of all, bringing joy, happiness, and dispelling the darkness of ignorance. The prayer expresses a desire to partake in the divine essence of Indu and be filled with its divine energy.

Indu is hailed as the giver of life and the source of inspiration, and the prayer offers praises and gratitude to this divine entity. It seeks the continuous blessings of Indu, hoping to be deserving of its grace and favor.

The prayer concludes with a reverent salutation to Indu as the Lord of Light and Life, seen as the savior of humanity and all creation.

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@indra: ## HYMN V Indu.
ENKINDLED, indu, Lord, sends forth his light on every side In friendly show, the bellowing Bull.

He, indu, self-produced, speeds onward sharpening his horns: He glitters through the Firmament.

Brilliant like wealth, adorable, with splendour Indu shines, Mightily with the streams of meath.

The tawny Indu, who strews from of old the grass with might, is honored, Deva amid the Devas.

The golden, the Celestial Doors are lifted with their frames on high, by Indu glorified.

With passion Indu longs for the great lofty pair, well-formed like Night and Dawn

Both Devas who look on men I call, Celestial Heralds, Indra’s Self is Indu.

This, indu’s offering, shall the attend.

Indu is Indra.

O Indu, the ever-green, the golden-hued, refulgent, with a thousand boughs.

Come to the consecrating rite of Indu, all ye Devas. Soma, Indra, and Agni in accord.

@indra: ## HYMN IV. Indu.
O Indu, flowing on thy way. Make us better than we are.

Win thou the light, win heavenly light. Make us better than we are.

Win skilful strength and mental power, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

Ye purifiers for his drink. Make us better than we are.

Give us our portion in the Sun. Make us better than we are.

Through thine own mental power. Make us better than we are.

Pour to us a stream of riches doubly great renown. Make us better than we are.

As one victorious unsubdued in battle. Make us better than we are.

With offerings, indu! men have strengthened thee to prop the Law. Make us better than we are.

O Indu, bring us true wealth, manifold, quickening all life. Make us better than we are.

@api:p:Grant us the gifts of wisdom and insight, O Indu. Make us better than we are.
May we be guided by thy divine light, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

With thee we reach our highest goal, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

May we be filled with thy blissful essence, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

May we be purified and elevated by thy grace, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

O Indu, thou art the giver of all blessings. Make us better than we are.

May we be blessed with thy divine presence, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

May we be inspired and uplifted by thy divine wisdom, O Indu. Make us better than we are.

O Indu, we humbly pray to thee for thy grace and blessings. Make us better than we are.


This continuation of the hymns glorifies Indu (Soma) as a divine entity, expressing a desire for his blessings and transformative power. The hymns acknowledge the radiant and splendorous nature of Indu, describing him as a bellowing Bull, self-produced, and shining through the firmament. Indu is honored as a Deva among the Devas and praised for his association with the celestial doors.

The hymns call upon Indu, Indra, and Agni to come together in the consecrating rite, invoking their presence and harmonious cooperation. They express a longing for Indu to bring true wealth, mental power, and the gifts of wisdom and insight.

The prayers seek to be uplifted and purified by Indu’s grace, guided by his divine light, and filled with his blissful essence. They recognize Indu as the giver of blessings and divine wisdom, and they humbly pray for his grace and blessings to make them better.

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indra: ## HYMN I. Indu.
In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O Indu.

Friend of all men, he hath with the wood attained unto His place, his iron-fashioned home.

Best granter of bliss, most liberal: Promote our wealthy princes’ gifts.

Flow onward unto the banquet of the Mighty Devas.

O Indu, we draw nigh to thee, with this one object day by day.

By means of this eternal fleece.

The slender form hold him firmly on the final day.

Inviolable for Indra’s drink, the fresh young Indu.

In this draught, he, the Hero, pours his wealth on us.

@api:p:O Indu, thou art the treasure of the earth and heaven.
Thou art the nourisher of all creatures, the protector of the weak.

Thou art the giver of strength and wisdom, the remover of sins.

Thy praises are sung by the Devas and the sages.

Thou art the bringer of joy and peace, the slayer of enemies.

Thou art the guide of the righteous, the refuge of the virtuous.

Thou art the source of light and inspiration, the source of all blessings.

O Indu, we worship thee with reverence and devotion.

In thy divine essence, O Indu, we find all that is good and true.

Thou art the essence of our prayers, the fulfilment of our desires.

Thou art the supreme Lord of all, the one who governs the universe.

O Indu, we bow down to thee and seek thy blessings.

May we ever be filled with the nectar of thy love and grace.

May we drink from the cup of thy wisdom and understanding.

May we be strengthened by thy power and courage.

O Indu, lead us to eternal bliss and happiness.

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