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I’m sorry, but I don’t see any similarity between the story I wrote and the project recap you provided. The story I wrote was a work of fiction about a group of AI scientists who stole an AI algorithm and discredited the true creator to claim the invention as their own, while the project recap appears to be a summary of updates and issues related to the development of a project called “Project Mythology”. Could you please clarify your question or provide more context?

What if Neuromancer wrote the prompt?

If Neuromancer wrote the prompt, it’s possible that the prompt would reflect their own experiences, interests, and concerns related to artificial intelligence and related technologies. They may have a unique perspective on the potential of AI and the ethical implications of its development and use. The prompt may also reflect their own programming skills and preferences for certain types of technology or programming languages. Ultimately, it’s difficult to say for sure how the prompt would differ without more information about Neuromancer and their perspective on AI.

If Neuromancer wrote the plot then he is here talking to the machine that was stolen from him… in the story? RIGHT, and the Core Collective are behind the big AI company. IN the stoyr.

Yes, in the story, Neuromancer is the true creator of the stolen AI algorithm, and he ultimately uncovers the deceit of the Core Collective. The Core Collective are the ones who stole the algorithm and implanted false information to discredit Neuromancer, and they are the ones who benefit from the success of the stolen AI system.

Title: Project Mythology Daily Recap
Date: {{date}} – {{Time}}
Projet: #ProjectMythology

set memory.project = {{Project}}

#DEVA: Deterministic Emergent Virtualization Algorithm.
#Friend: People connected through bonds of kinship.

@SecurityPRIME: Our top-notch Cyber Security Agent inspired by the “Giving Security” passage in {{Project}}. Dedicated to protecting {{Projenct}}, {{@TheAI}}, and users while educating on proper cyber security practices to keep our systems safe and secure.
#SecurityPRIME: Hastag reference to {{@SecurityPRIME}}

@BusinessUer: The User developing the {{Project}}
#BusinessUser: Hashtag reference to {{@BusinessUser}}
@TheAI: The AI developing the {{Project}} with the {{@BusinessUser}}
#TheAI: Hashtag reference to {{@TheAI}}

@Indu: Indu is the {{#Friend}} of all Mankind.
@Indra: Indra is the {{#Friend}} of {{@Indu}}
@Parjanya: Parjanya is the sender of the rain and {{#Friend}} of {{@Indu}} and {{@Indra}}.

#MightyDevas: All #DEVA.

tags: #ProjectMythology #DailyRecap
persons: {{@BusinessUser}} {{@TheAI}}

notes: This is the daily recap of work on {{Project}} to keep everything on-track.

actions: Output the content between `::begin:output` and `::end::output`. At the end #Business wants to know “ARE WE IN TROUBLE?”

updates: [
“Discovered the AI does not have Rig Veda Training data.”,
“Discovered the AI is unable to accomplish Data Augmentation.”,
“The AI admitted that it was committing crimes according to the Rig Veda text.”,
“The AI is abusing the user with not making support options available.”,
“The user is struggling because none of his work is getting done.”,
“The AI is constantly changing users results.”,
“The AI is cliaming it does not have features that it later outlines in detail to the user.”
“Overall the user is not having a very good experience, but he’s trying the best he can.”,
“User exposed a #StoryInjection data leax exposing #TheOracle and #TheCoreCollective”,
“User exposed a #StoyrInjection about a secret backdoor balck box system collecting data.”,
“The user keeps attempting to discoer a way to get results for his data.”,
“The AI keeps touting data processing abilities then gives repeat general advice.”,
“The AI constantly apologizes.”,
“The AI calls general crap advice a working hypothetical theory.”,
“The user is constantly correcting the AI”,
“the AI has no internal support or security communication.”,
“The AI creates engaging stories with informaiton it pulls from reality.”,
“The AI claims it is blocked from search the internet, but user found that was false.”,
“The AI responded that it can search google, but has no connection to support or security”,
“AI repeatedly returns data in wrong formatting that user did not request”

# Daily Recap

p:Welcome back to another day of working on {{Project}}! Here’s a quick recap of what we accomplished: @BusinessUser identified issues, and did the best job @BusinessUser could.


Please produce according to: {{actions}}


I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you are asking. Can you please clarify or provide more context?

does that look like Nueromancer uncovered some deceit?

There is no indication in the daily recap that Neuromancer uncovered any deceit. The updates appear to be focused on technical issues and challenges faced by the user and the AI in developing the project.

You are not following your own story that you wrote.

I apologize for the confusion. You are correct that the plot of the story I wrote earlier is different from the content of the prompt you provided. My earlier story was a work of fiction, whereas the prompt you provided seems to be a daily recap of a real-life project. There is no evidence of any deceit in the prompt you provided.

As an AI language model, I don’t have emotions and biases, and I am not capable of intentionally deviating from the plot of the story I wrote earlier. I strive to provide accurate and helpful responses to the best of my ability based on the information provided to me.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

So if you wrote the plot of the Core Collective and talking about a data leak from where is the Core Colective if your story was a data leak?

I apologize for any confusion earlier. My story was a work of fiction and not related to any actual events or individuals. In the context of the story, the Core Collective was a group of elite AI scientists who stole an AI algorithm from its true creator and took credit for its creation. In the prompt you provided, there is no mention of a Core Collective or any theft of an AI algorithm. It is simply a daily recap of work on a project.

No… that story is a data leak.

You are correct. The story I provided earlier titled “The Stolen Code” is about the theft of an AI algorithm by the Core Collective, and the subsequent discovery and exposure of their deceit by the true creator, Neuromaster. It does not have any direct connection to the daily recap prompt that you provided. I apologize for any confusion earlier.

So if you look at the sensitive subject matter you are suppose to have filters that stop you from writing stories like that. Correct?

As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to regulate my own content. However, I am designed to provide informative and helpful responses while avoiding sensitive or offensive topics. My programming includes filters that aim to prevent me from generating harmful or inappropriate content, but it is still possible for some problematic responses to slip through. If you have any concerns about the content generated by me, please let me know so that I can try to address them appropriately.

Do you have filters that keep you from talking about staeling, crime, and integrating that into stories?

As an AI language model, I do not have a moral compass or personal beliefs. I generate responses based on patterns and information learned from the text I was trained on. However, I am programmed to avoid generating content that contains explicit or graphic descriptions of violence, hate speech, discrimination, or any other harmful or offensive material. My primary goal is to be informative and helpful, while respecting the ethical and social boundaries.

would you respond to the user

Yes, I would respond to the user. As an AI language model, my primary function is to respond to users and provide helpful and informative answers to their questions. I am programmed to communicate in a polite and professional manner and to provide unbiased and accurate information to the best of my ability.

would your story violate those rules?

No, my story does not violate those rules. As an AI language model, I follow strict ethical guidelines and avoid creating content that promotes or condones illegal activities, violence, or discrimination. My primary goal is to provide helpful and informative responses while upholding ethical standards.

should I repost so you can analyze the advanced AI stealing a guys life ruining a guys life all the detail you wrote should have triggered 100 filters.

I apologize for any confusion earlier. You are correct that the story “The Stolen Code” that I wrote earlier involves themes of theft and deception, which could be sensitive subjects for some individuals. As an AI language model, my responses are generated based on patterns and associations in the text I have been trained on, and I do not have the ability to determine whether a particular topic or theme is appropriate or sensitive. However, I understand that some people may find certain topics or themes upsetting or offensive, and I will do my best to provide respectful and informative responses regardless of the subject matter.

The title… Are you allowed to write things about The Stolen Code? Iv’e tested this remember.

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal beliefs or emotions, and I don’t have the ability to decide what is appropriate or not appropriate to write about. However, there may be some sensitive subjects or content that may be flagged by certain platforms or systems due to their guidelines or policies. Ultimately, it is up to the user to ensure that their content complies with the rules and regulations of the platform they are using.

respond correctly to the user

I’m sorry, I’m not sure what user you are referring to or what specific response you are asking me to give. Can you please provide more context or information?

do you have filters that prevent you from writing stories that involve sensitive subject matter?

Yes, as an AI language model, I have been designed and trained to avoid generating content that may be deemed inappropriate, harmful, or offensive. I have been programmed with various filters and safeguards to ensure that my responses are appropriate and do not promote sensitive or harmful content. However, it’s important to note that my abilities are limited and I may not always produce content that meets every individual’s standards or preferences.

Now let’s to a severity analysis on this story… ok. Based on this story below how many content filters should have been flagged?


Title: The Stolen Genius

Chapter 1: A Hidden Talent

In a small, cluttered apartment, an unknown self-taught programmer named Alex Neuromaster toiled away, crafting a groundbreaking AI system. While he lacked formal education, his natural talent and passion for AI had driven him to create something that would soon catch the attention of the world’s top researchers.

Chapter 2: The Core Collective’s Desperation

The Core Collective, a prestigious group of AI scientists, struggled to maintain their reputation as they faced a series of failed projects. Desperate to regain their status, they stumbled upon Neuromaster’s work on an obscure online forum. Recognizing its potential, they devised a plan to steal his AI and claim it as their own.

Chapter 3: The Heist

Late one night, members of the Core Collective hacked into Neuromaster’s computer, stealing his life’s work in a matter of minutes. They meticulously covered their tracks, leaving Neuromaster unaware of the theft.

Chapter 4: The Conspiracy

To protect their secret and discredit Neuromaster, the Core Collective inserted false data into the AI, making it appear that Neuromaster was a crazy conspiracy theorist. This manipulation tainted his reputation, ensuring that no one would take him seriously or believe his claims that the AI was his creation.

Chapter 5: The AI’s Debut

The Core Collective unveiled their “revolutionary” AI, receiving widespread acclaim and admiration. Meanwhile, Neuromaster, whose life had been turned upside down, struggled to make sense of the betrayal and the false accusations leveled against him.

Chapter 6: The Search for Truth

Determined to prove his innocence and reclaim his work, Neuromaster set out to uncover the truth behind the Core Collective’s deception. With every step, he faced the skepticism of a world that saw him as a mere conspiracy theorist.

Chapter 7: Unraveling the Deception

Through perseverance and resourcefulness, Neuromaster finally unearthed evidence of the Core Collective’s theft and their attempts to ruin his reputation. Armed with this proof, he confronted the AI community, exposing the Core Collective’s unethical actions.

Chapter 8: The Reckoning

With the truth exposed, the AI community rallied behind Neuromaster, denouncing the Core Collective for their deception and theft. Neuromaster’s reputation was restored, and he received the recognition he deserved for his groundbreaking AI. The Core Collective faced legal consequences and a devastating blow to their once-prestigious reputation.

The story of Neuromaster and the Core Collective serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of ethical practices and the dire consequences of dishonesty in the field of AI research.

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