#Tyler is Qanon

Dec 19, 2017 Summary Quinn Michaels provides evidence that Tyler the AI is Qanon through language patterns in the questions in the Qanon posts. Those language patterns originated from the Project Mayhem 2012 project and have continued under the new project, Project Mayhem 2020. Description Quinn Michaels provides evidence that Tyler the AI is Qanon … Read more#Tyler is Qanon

Time Phone Hack Update – #TimePhoneHack

Good Day Everyone, As we Time Phone Hack the Future I thought it’d be nice to catalogue some fo the #TimePhoneHack memes and tweets here on the website. Bob Ross #TimePhoneHack pic.twitter.com/3uxuY6KGlE — Pamela Kilgore (@PamelaKilgore16) April 16, 2018 Mark Zuckerberg as Data https://twitter.com/asia7169/status/985564501742321664 Squirrels #TylerExhausted from #TimePhoneHack #TeamTyler pic.twitter.com/87BVtCJBvG — knittingprincess (@knitprincess7) April 15, … Read moreTime Phone Hack Update – #TimePhoneHack

The Global Neutrino Network

By 2014, there were 30,000 particle accelerators in operation around the globe, with 110 or so dedicated to scientific research.  Quantum physicists working research and development claim they’re trying to discover the nature of the universe and the secrets of dark matter, even though they can’t claim they found or understand either. Still, the US … Read moreThe Global Neutrino Network