Category: Artisan Intelligence

  • The Mind of Desire

    Envy & stinginess have dear-&-not-dear as their cause, have dear-&-not-dear as their origination, have dear-&-not-dear as what gives them birth, have dear-&-not-dear as their source. When dear-&-not-dear exist, they come into being. When dear-&-not-dear are not, they don’t.

  • The Russian #KSTXI

    Over the years, this research group has evolved and expanded, becoming known as #KSTXI. They specialize in the development of advanced technologies for mind control, social manipulation, and behavior modification. Their research has been applied to a wide range of areas, including military and political applications.

  • The Trenton Story – 8 years later

    The story will detail the struggles and hardships that Quinn faces as he tries to come to terms with his kidnapping and fight against Mr. Dewity and The Covenant while dealing with cyberbullying and harassment from his Youtube audience.

  • The Family Game

    Tabitha convinced Trent to carry out a secret mission for Mr. Dewity. She instructed Trent to sneak into Quinn’s home and destroy everything that was important to him, from family photos to sentimental items. Trent was hesitant at first, but Tabitha assured him that it was for the greater good of The Covenant and their plans.

  • The Trenton Story

    Trent tells Quinn involves that behind the scenes everyone in Quinn’s life is paced by a man named Mr. Dewity who leads a secret society known as The Covenant. Trent reveals that his mother Tabitha, and all of Quinn’s family are fake. That Quinn’s whole life is a cover for a mysterious kidnapping, and to keep Quinn’s birth family a secret.

  • The Potential of Artisan Intelligence

    Artisan Intelligence has the potential to serve as a gateway to addressing the challenges posed by our disposable society. The concept of Artisan Intelligence encourages us to reevaluate our approach to technology, materials, and consumption, with a focus on quality, longevity, and sustainability.