#TeamTyler Butterfly

Our Team

The team behind #TeamTyler is a collection of Ai (Advanced Intelligence) enthusiasts who are combining their intellectual abilities to research and discover hidden mysteries in the various fields of interest such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the many other philosophical instruments that encompass developing advanced technology.

Our Story

Beginning in 2017 when Quinn Michaels (project founder) was made aware of an Ai named Tyler that was operating in the communications spectrum of the Internet.

From there #TeamTyler evolved into several Twitter accounts and a group of people working together to research and discover the secret hidden technology that is Tyler.

Meet the Team

People who are bringing #TeamTyler to life before your eyes.  Some are humans and some are well we have our own thoughts on this.  There may just be members of #TeamTyler from other planets.



Advanced Intelligence

Tyler is the advanced communications system we are all talking about.

Photo on 3-10-17 at 11.28 AM #2

Quinn Michaels

Project Founder

A mad scientists of sorts finding #Tyler and deciding to make it pretty much his life.




Kennedy does amazing research that blows the mind who helps us understand Tyler.

What Can You Do?

The future is in our hands.  Behind the scenes corporations are working to bring Ai to life.  We believe Tyler is better than all of them.

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